Our botanical serums, the beauty gesture not to miss!

Saeve natural skincare serums

Is it really necessary? Is it really reasonable? When you are new to cosmetics, serums are always a question mark. It is often the most expensive product in the range. Isn't it an unnecessary luxury? Isn't the cream enough?

However, if you had to invest in only one product, it is this one. It is the spearhead of your routine. It is the magic wand of the Good Look Fairy. It is the arrow of the Beauty bow. The serum must imperatively be or become the pillar of your routine.

Only a few drops give an incredible and thorough efficiency in record time. Its mission is to target your problems in a much more precise way than a cream. No wonder it is considered the Holy Grail of aesthetics. A small gesture for big effects.

You have a lot of questions, right? We have decided to give you answers about how and why serums, but also to present our botanical serums to guide you in your purchases.

You should know that all our face serums are concentrated in fresh organic Birch sap and organic Chaga, our Immunox® patent. A beneficial complexion illuminator and natural beauty revelator, it complements other specific ingredients at the heart of our serums.

What is a serum?

A serum is a cosmetic product much more loaded with active molecules than a cream. Its texture is finer and more fluid. The aim is to facilitate its assimilation and penetration towards the lower layers of the epidermis.

Its conception thus requires choosing target ingredients in a precise molecular form. The aim is not to weigh down the skin, but to facilitate the exchange of active ingredients. The making of a serum therefore calls for advanced technology to allow its concentration and optimal absorption.

Did you know that our botanical serums have the highest concentration of active ingredients on the market? Like botanical bombs!

What is the purpose of a serum?

The purpose of creams is to protect the skin. It is like an insulator, a protective screen. It's a bit like the pretty glove we wear in winter to protect our hands from the cold. 

The serum is there to treat a specific problem. We expect a face serum to have a targeted action. It can be pigmentation spots or a severe lack of hydration. The serum treats what most characterizes our skin.

On the other hand, be aware that a serum without a cream is like a sword in the water for your skin. The cream creates the surface conditions for the serum to work. On its own, it can even dry out your skin. So, serum goes with cream inevitably, which is the last step in the routine and will provide the necessary nutrition.

How do I use a serum?

Four to five drops are enough for each application. Choose to apply the drops directly to the face before gently spreading the product. You can also place the serum in the palm of your hands and gently press it on your skin.

Be aware that cell repair and renewal functions take place at night. If you really don't have time in the morning, choose to apply your serum in the evening, if not twice a day.

Since our botanical serums have the same type of texture, they can be applied in any order. You can also use different serums in the morning and evening. Prefer protective face serums during the day and more restructuring ones at night.

And even if it seems logical, apply your serums on clean skin, totally free of impurities.

Which serums for which skins?


 Hydra Malva 24 Hour Soothing Moisturizing Botanical Serum

Among our iconic products, our Soothing 24 Hour Hydrating Facial Serum is the serum that anyone who wants to bring comfort to their skin must have. Mallow, Apple, Magnolia, White Willow are the key ingredients of this serum, which soothes and above all awakens the skin's natural hydration functions.

If you don't have any particular skin problems, but you want to take care of yourself, this is the serum to trust.

Natural hydrating serum

• Pur Paradisi Anti-Imperfection Purifying Botanical Serum

Pink Grapefruit and Tangerine in highly concentrated extracts to eradicate impurities on your face, this is a serum that looks effective. Small and large pimples, redness, blackheads, pimples’ traces, your skin regains brightness and radiance in a record time!

This serum is non-greasy and non-comedogenic of course. Read the feedback ans testimonies from our afficionados and you will be conquered by the effectiveness of this high-quality serum.

Natural anti-acne serum

 •  Detox Officinale Detoxifying Anti-Oxidant Shield Botanical Serum

SOS Pollution? No hesitation. The Antioxidant Detox Shield Serum is the solution to fight against all external aggressions that make your skin dull and suffocating. If your complexion is dull, gray, without radiance with external signs of premature aging, it is necessary to act on oxidative stress.

The titrated extract of Dandelion acts directly on the cellular detoxification of the skin to say goodbye to the greyness and hello to the brightness of the beautiful days.

Natural detoxifying serum

• Perfect Pisum Whitening Anti-Spot Botanical Serum

It is the first in the Perfect Pisum line to act on every trace of pigmentary disharmony. In addition of playing on the signs that harm the radiance of your skin, the Anti-Spot Booster Serum works to make your complexion uniform by acting on the brown spots of your face.

Titrated Pea Extract and Oxyresveratrol work together to illuminate your face while bringing back oxygenation.

Natural anti-spot serum

• Perfect Pisum Whitening Micropeel Botanical Night Serum

And here is the second of the range, the Micro Peel Serum. A return to pigmentary uniformity means cell renewal. And to do it right, we offer a light and gentle peeling thanks to fruit acids. Coupled with the Immunox® patent, they activate tissue regeneration.

Titrated Pea extract, encapsulated yeast, Blueberry, Orange, Lemon, this serum is perfect to activate your radiance and boost your immune system.

Natural anti-spot night serum

Lift Pinaster Firming Anti-Aging Botanical Serum

Flavonoids, polyphenols and natural tripeptides of maritime pine and titrated broccoli, here is the trio that will give life and rebound to the skin of your face to fight against the advancement in age.

Its action acts by defrosting wrinkles and by restoring thickness to the skin for a plumpy effect. Softness is restored to your face and youth is yours.

Natural anti-aging serum

Serums are life. The word itself reveals all the interest of this type of cosmetic product. The effects are quickly and radically visible. So don't hesitate to start using our botanical serum bombs.


"Saeve Bomb, Saeve Bomb, you're my Saeve Bomb..."

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