Multimasking, a facial that meets the needs of all skin types

On your masks, ready? COCOONING!

Because each skin has its own moods, we have created a collection of masks to meet them all!

What is multimasking?

This treatment technique which comes straight from Asia has completely conquered the French market. It is the gesture to adopt to get your skin back in shape. It is a brand-new method to take care of your pretty face and to apprehend a much more adapted and personalized routine. Multimasking consists of applying several masks on different areas of the face according to your needs (the art of simply putting the right mask in the right place): dry to sensitive cheeks, a rather mixed to oily T-zone and an eye contour. But also, as you know, the skin changes according to the periods of our lives: climatic conditions, moments of stress...

Saeve's tips: for a more professional application and for greater precision when applying the mask, use a brush!

A single watchword: listen to your skin 😉

Multimasking with Saeve

Our face masks, a must-have treatment

For a hydrating bath, the Soothing Rehydrating Infusion Mask

With its wonderful fragrance and its creamy and delicious texture, the Soothing Rehydrating Infusion Mask from our Hydra Malva line takes care of all skin types, even the most sensitive. Thanks to its highly moisturizing active ingredients of fresh organic Birch sap, its titrated extract of Mallow and hyaluronic acid of plant origin, the skin is full of water and immediately softer. It recharges your skin with water for 24 hours, plumps it up, and soothes it durably while nourishing it.

Its little bonus: it reduces the signs of fatigue and reveals a radiant complexion. Deeply replenished, the skin is revitalized and plumper. A real hydration bath!

For a detoxified skin, the Intense Detoxifying Mask

Rid your face of impurities and pollution particles with this incredible 3-texture mask! Ultra-active, it turns from a gel when applied, into a massage oil, then into a milk when rinsed to free the skin from pollutants and refine its texture. Composed of 96% of natural ingredients, this mask is formulated from depolluting and detoxifying titrated extract of Dandelion, fresh Sap of organic Birch moisturizing and sweet almond emollient oil. From the first use, your skin reveals an incomparable radiance and signs of fatigue are reduced.

In just a few minutes, say goodbye to a grey complexion and hello to a radiant complexion!

For a new skin effect in 10 minutes, the Instant Radiance Peeling Mask

If you have skin lacking radiance and an irregular complexion, this mask is for you! This effective yet gentle peel transforms the skin's texture in just 10 minutes! Formulated with highly moisturizing fresh organic Birch sap, radiance-activating Pea extract, and gentle retexturizing AHAs, your skin looks softer, feels smoother, and your skin texture is refined. A little pea for you, a big step for your skin!

For a moment of purity, the Purifying 2-in-1 Exfoliating Mask

In just 10 minutes, this micro-exfoliating mask leaves your skin smooth and flawless! Composed of 87% of natural ingredients and rich in fine clays, its titrated pink grapefruit extract purifies deeply, and its incredible wood pulp microbeads retexturize the skin's surface while unclogging pores. Freed from impurities and excess sebum, the skin is clear, and its texture is refined. The mask will quickly become your secret weapon for a perfect skin!

Which multimasking is right for my skin?

Dry and sensitive skin, mixt, with some imperfections, or all at once? Here are some tips from the Saeve team according to your own needs, among the thousands of combinations with our 4 masks!

Radiance objective!

Your skin looks tired, and your complexion is increasingly dull: it's a sign that you need some vacation, isn't it? Whatever happens, you want to give your skin a boost, a glow, so here is the multimasking routine we suggest: 

- On the T-Zone, opt for the Purifying 2-in-1 Exfoliating Mask to tighten pores, refine and smooth your skin texture.

- On the cheeks, go for the Instant Radiance Peeling Mask to take advantage of its gentle peeling action to exfoliate your skin.

The perfect combo, believe us!

Instant Radiance Mask, Perfect Pisum

Objective zero shine!

Your skin suffers the consequences of your daily life: periods of intense stress, imperfections and tightness due to mascara, dryness due to climate change... it is determined to get her own way! Your skin is therefore mixed but sensitive at the same time. Here is what we suggest to reduce your shine, regulate your sebum production and revive your complexion:

- On the forehead and cheeks, as these are areas that tend to be oily and prone to imperfections, opt for our Purifying 2-in-1 Exfoliating Mask to say goodbye to shine.

- On the nose, choose our Intense Detoxifying Mask to free the skin of pollutants, refine its texture and eliminate signs of fatigue, while reducing the appearance of pores. From the first application, the skin is immediately purified and detoxified. Softer, more supple with a fresh and instantly brighter complexion, the skin is visibly transformed.

- On the chin, use the Instant Radiance Peeling Mask. Enriched with AHA, it transforms the skin's texture by exfoliating, smoothing and refining its texture, for a new skin effect. On top of that, its powerful formula eclipses skin irregularities by reducing the appearance of spots and pores. Clearly, it's the ideal botanical solution to regain a true baby's skin. Clean even up close, the skin is incredibly softer and looks regenerated. The complexion is awakened, unified and instantly luminous.


Intense Detoxifying Mask, Detox Officinale

Objective detox hydration bath!

Yes, you probably already know this, but some areas of the face need special attention as they are more sensitive and more prone to dryness! Do you want to moisturize and detoxify your skin at the same time? With Saeve's extraordinary masks, it's possible. We've got just the thing for you!

- On the T-Zone, choose the Intense Detoxifying Mask, rich in antioxidants to fight against the effects of stress and regain a luminous skin! With it, your skin is immediately purified and detoxified. It also reduces signs of fatigue..

- On the cheeks, use the Soothing Rehydrating Infusion Mask. A true hydration bath. It recharges the skin with water to intensely moisturize and durably soothe it while nourishing it. As a bonus, it reduces signs of fatigue and reveals a radiant complexion. Dehydration lines and wrinkles are smoothed out.

Soothing Rehydrating Infusion Mask, Hydra Malva

Tips from the Saeve team:

- Apply the masks on a clean and perfectly cleansed skin beforehand. You can try our makeup remover or cleanser depending on the needs of your pretty face.

- Use a brush to apply the treatment as precisely as possible and to control the areas you wish to treat.

- Leave the masks on for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid contact with the eyes.

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