Instant S[æ]ve in January

S[æ]ve in January? It could be lived like that.

S[æ]ve en Janvier ? Ça pourrait se vivre comme ça. 

Yes, it is cold.

It is often grey, but we have decided to think about Winter differently. We are well aware that this is not easy. Even if the New Year offers us another blank page of our lives to write, we sometimes tend to forget to laugh.

But to hell with Sad Mood and negative ideas!

That's true. There is not much left on the trees and the wind mistreats the TV antennas almost every night. You feel your body soft like marshmallow, without much enthusiasm. The slightest effort costs you a kidney…

Let's get out of here! A little nerves and motivation! Imagine a beautiful Saturday afternoon. You decided to have an early lunch. Cap and scarf in cashmere on your back, you get into the subway. Direction the large park at the edge of town. The sky is crossed by beautiful winding clouds, and the glow is soft and quiet. The calm is enjoyed like a good film and you feel that the fresh air unfolds your diaphragm with an extremely wide opening.

Frankly, it's not that gloomy. In the park, birches and other trees offer artistic lines in the Kandinsky style. The deciduous foliage shines with a beautiful orange. Conifers are there to garnish the forests. You suddenly feel alive.


And you know what feeds you at this very moment?

This is the Light. This quest must never leave you at this time of year. In fact, in the offices, we pushed all the desks towards the windows. Light is essential to our body and especially to the skin. It will maintain a quality sleep and thus promote rest. And when you say optimized sleep, you mean wrinkled complexion.

Breathe, it's free. Especially since when you get home, a nice apple pie is waiting for you. You will be able to take off your pretty boots, put on a fluffly sweater and enjoy a black tea with Tchai spices. By the way, why don't we talk about the May holidays? Mallorca or Saint Cyprian? How good it is to imagine the sun and next summer.

Images and projects in your head, it's time to cocoon. A hot shower and a moment of well-deserved care. You braved the happy cold of January. Luckily, you have thought about restocking our nourishing and relaxing range of Relax Rheum products, ideal to complete this walk.

You see, even in Winter, Light and Nature are never so far from cities and towns.

Light S[æ]ve The Skin

The Team

Light S[æ]ve The Skin


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