Immune defences: 5 easy and beneficial foods

At S[æ]ve, immunity is a personal matter! It is our spearhead, the essence of our engine, our passionate leitmotiv for the development of all our products.

With our Immunox® patent, we can't do more committed on this subject. Nature has offered us with Birch and Chaga, a magical complex that we are happy to offer you.

However, immunity is maintained on a daily basis. And can you imagine that Strength, Health and Beauty are also eaten. Here are 5 simple, easy-to-find foods that will do you good in Winter.


Passion Champignons

  • Passion Mushrooms
Oyster mushrooms, Boletus, Cep, even the simple white mushroom... They all have natural stimulating properties for our immune system. They contain beta-glucans, complex molecules that cause this phenomenon. So it's time to let loose on mixed salads, soups and parsley mushroom spreads..



  • Did you say Garlic?

An essential ingredient in parsley, it is nevertheless effective in helping you get rid of germs. Thanks to Louis Pasteur, garlic has been found to have antibacterial properties. We also know today that it is antiviral, antifungal and also antimycotic.

What, does it smell bad? No more problems! To stay beautiful and fresh, put your pods in olive oil.


Vert Chlorophylle

  • Chlorophyll Green

Green this time of year is not luxury! Chlorophyll leads to two interesting actions. It traps external pollutants and stimulates immunity, in particular by its content of vitamin C. We have a salad of fresh spinach shoots, juice and smoothies with parsley and kale, and broccoli flower semolina.

 Miel et Co

4 – Honey and Co

Hive products are still popular in Winter. And for good reason, our grandmothers already knew the effects on colds and chills. A good quality honey is a living product that will help you fight infections. Prefer chestnut or fir honeys if you have a bronchial disease.

 Et la Vitamine B !

5 – And Vitamin B !

And no, Vitamin C is not energy. These are the vitamins of the B group, essential for metabolism, which are the basis of energy production. When you feel great, you are less fragile and prettier too. Add semi-complete or complete cereal sources to your diet at all meals.


Eat healthy, be S[æ]ve
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