Hyaluronic acid: the secrets of plumped-up skin

Woman with plumped-up and hydrated skin

It has been discussed for several years in the field of anti-aging cosmetics. Hyaluronic acid is essential to any face cream that wants to fight against cellular aging.

Hyaluronic acid is an essential molecule for our body. We need it for much more than just the aesthetic side of our face.

 After reading this article, you will know what place it should have in your daily facial care routine.

Hyaluronic acid is THE miracle molecule that cannot be ignored. It allows the skin to firm up, plump up, keep its suppleness, and fight against the effects of time. We can say that it acts directly on your self-confidence.

Which woman has never felt the anxiety of seeing her skin change, marked by age? Sagging of the oval of the face, dark circles more marked... Sometimes, we have the feeling that things are going too fast. This is a normal process, but it is possible, and it is up to us to slow it down, especially the aging process thanks to hyaluronic acid, to feel good about ourselves and our bodies.

Zoom on this molecule which preserve the youth of your skin.

What is hyaluronic acid and what is it used for?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural lubricant whose role is to hydrate and promote the flexibility and mobility of certain tissues. It is found at the joints of the articulations where it densifies the synovial liquid nourishing the cartilage. There is also some in the vitreous humor of our eyes: it is what gives a globular aspect to the eye and ensures its normal function. Hyaluronic acid is a constituent of the extracellular fluid that surrounds the brain cells; that's how important it is for us.

When we talk about hyaluronic acid, most people think of cosmetic surgery and ultimately unsightly puffy faces. However, we need it for much more important reasons than aesthetics.

If you suffer from joint discomfort in your knees, a rheumatologist may advise you to take a course of hyaluronic acid among other supplements or recommend injections to help you. On another note, if you suffer from dry eyes due to a lack of tears, taking hyaluronic acid on a continuous basis can greatly improve things. 

What about the skin on our face? Hyaluronic acid has an important role in the integrity of the skin. In our articles dedicated to anti-aging, we've talked to you several times about the mesh of collagen and elastin fibers, which maintain the shape of our face. And to keep it looking fresh and rested, we need to maintain our face's collagen production.

But what about the space between its fine fibers? Collagen is filled with a nourishing and supportive extracellular fluid made from hyaluronic acid. It allows it to capture water from the tissues to create a kind of jelly. The more hyaluronic acid we have, the more important the maintenance of the skin is.

It is therefore easy to understand how essential it is. The only problem is that with time, the presence of natural hyaluronic acid in our body becomes scarce. It disappears by itself, but also because of certain behaviors. The skin of the face then loses its firmness, the skin slowly sags, and wrinkles set in.

What can you do to maintain your natural hyaluronic acid production on a daily basis?

It goes without saying that if hyaluronic acid is a water captor, it is on the condition that it can find some. It is therefore imperative that you ensure that you have a sufficient supply of water every day. This will be beneficial for all your physiological tissues and especially for your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid, anti-aging and hydrating


To maintain its presence, you must also avoid exposing yourself to the sun too much. In fact, it is our attitude towards the sun that poses the problem: no protection, too many hours of exposure at the wrong times, little hydration... This is enough to cause a significant loss of water and generate premature aging of everything that makes up our skin, to leave room for wrinkles, which are not welcome.

About food, everything with a gelatinous texture contains hyaluronic acid. We could advise you to make bone broth, but it is not the easiest or most appetizing thing to do. On the other hand, some foods contain molecules that promote the maintenance of hyaluronic acid such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, soy products or fruits and vegetables.

To sump up, it is wiser to take direct hyaluronic acid cures, in addition to your facial care routine.

Hyaluronic acid in the spotlight at Saeve

The easiest way to stop the loss of hyaluronic acid is through daily cosmetic application. The very fact of giving it to our skin helps maintain its natural production in our body. Hyaluronic acid, when applied to the face, will immediately smooth, refine and relax the features. It will deeply hydrate the skin and soak up the water you give it.

You can also use our brand-new Re-Hydrating Soothing Mist enriched with fresh organic Birch sap and Auvergne volcano spring water to soothe tightness, moisturize and tone the skin.

At Saeve, our serums are among the most concentrated in hyaluronic acid on the market. Depending on the product, we can offer you hyaluronic acid-based facial care products with different molecular structures.

For example, in our Hydra Malva intense hydration range, we have added pure hyaluronic acid of plant origin in order to bring a lot of moisture to the skin. The molecules are larger, which ensures that they remain on the surface and therefore have an immediate plumping and smoothing effect.

The 24h Soothing Moisturizing Botanical Serum is the product of the range that contains the more hyaluronic acid. It creates an important hydric protection barrier. It is this serum that should be applied to wrinkles and fine lines to prevent dehydration from affecting the deeper layers of the skin.

In our Lift Pinaster Anti-Aging and Firming line, we use a fragmented hyaluronic acid with a finer molecular weight. It is therefore better able to penetrate the epidermis to work in depth on the effects of time.

The important thing is to act on the quantity and regeneration of our natural hyaluronic acid, and the Firming Anti Aging Botanical Serum Lift Pinaster is an incredible source of it. It also contains other molecules such as titrated pine extract that supports collagen production.

Anti-wrinkles skincare products with Hyaluronic Acid


So, you too can change the course of time with us and give your face moisture and youthfulness for as long as possible!

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