How to sublimate your makeup, the perfect skin care routine

Skincare and makeup

 We love and adore makeup... What a joy to highlight your mouth with a beautiful lipstick. Or to get a Sophia Loren-like doe eye...

Progress has allowed us to enjoy new complexion products that are thinner and lighter, with natural results. We can use primers and finishing powders to ensure a velvety skin texture. Textures, scents, fixation, everything is constantly studied to make our lives easier.

However, beautiful makeup can go bad if your skin is not maintained. It's a bit like the analogy we'll make with a nice wallpaper. If the walls have not been sanitized and prepared beforehand, the wallpaper will not take well, will wrinkle and may even look bad.

The same goes for your skin. The better you take care of it, the better your makeup will look. It won't run into fine lines, it won't turn brown and will stay stable.

So today, we have decided to remind you of the perfect skin care routine to adopt every morning before you put on your makeup; so that your time spent enhancing your beauty is crowned with success.

The perfect makeup routine, it's now.

1 - Cleansing for flawless makeup?

The interest of cleansing has a double function. The first thing to do in the morning to start your routine is to clean your face. During the night, your skin has done its work of cell renewal. There are therefore small dead skins on the surface. Your sebum has also drained the toxins.

It is therefore unthinkable to imagine applying makeup directly without having taken care to rid the skin of the "waste" it has been working to eliminate. Not only would your skin texture be too thick, but there would be risks of creating occlusions of your seborrheic canals. Imperfections would be bound to appear.

And then, in fact, if you wear makeup every day, it is imperative to remove it at night. Even if cosmetics manufacturers are increasingly careful to offer products that are light in both composition and texture, makeup can clog your pores over time. So, if you're a makeup enthusiast, remove your makeup every night and cleanse your skin every morning.

Choose a simple, gentle cleanser for all skin types like our Hydra Malva Makeup Removal Cleansing Gel, which will do its job gently, but properly.

And to complete the cleansing, use our Hydrating Micellar Water from the same line with pure hyaluronic acid, which helps rehydrate the skin. Makeup dries out the skin. Speaking of cleansing, don't forget to flush your makeup brushes with water at least twice a week. A tip? Use your daily shower to soap your brushes. No need for specific products. Your shower gel is more than enough. By the way, have you ever tried our two shower gels?

2 - Intense hydration for thinner skin

As we said before, it goes without saying that makeup can tend to dry out the skin. All powder products such as illuminators, blushes and eyeshadows will inevitably absorb water from your pores. So no makeup without taking care to moisturize your skin at least: serum and cream are mandatory.

But it's even more important for the thin skin of your face. For example, the thinness of dark circles, which has no hypodermis. Therefore, the skin of the dark circles is thinner, more fragile and prone to dehydration, especially as you get older. Imagine the disappointment, after spending time working on your complexion, if two colored and streaked dark circles look back at you in the mirror.

The same is true for the contour of the mouth. As long as you smoke, are in overheated environments, and forget to drink regularly, fine lines appear. This is how lipstick gets into creases and gives the impression that you have applied it incorrectly.

Moisturizing and filling are the work of our Lift Pinaster Lifting Eye and Lip Contour Care, which nourishes and smoothes these fragile tissues thanks to extracts of Maritime Pine. It boosts the formation of collagen and natural hyaluronic acid.

No application of concealer or lipstick without prior deep moisturizing for a star result.

3 - Give your skin a detox, a routine not to be forgotten 


If you are a Beauty passionate and you wear makeup every day, we advise you to detox your skin regularly. Makeup, but also fatigue, stress and pollution tend to make our face grey due to an excess of toxic substances and dead skin. A gray face means a denatured makeup.

We therefore suggest 2 solutions:


4 - Professional tips in addition to a care routine

As you can see, to make your makeup look its best, it is imperative to take care of your skin every day. Have an impeccable beauty routine. Give yourself this imperative to be even more beautiful. On your skin, your makeup will be even more harmonious and luminous.

However, we have decided to give you two beauty care tips. The lighter your makeup is, the more it will blend in, the more perfect it will be. Makeup should be noticed, but not imposed on the face.

Skincare routine for makeup

  • Create your own BB cream

It is possible to create your day cream at home. Simply mix a dab of your moisturizing day cream with a bit of your tinted concealer with a brush. The finish is extremely light, melts on the face and gives a very natural look. For every day, it's perfect. And for the Make-up Artist who can't go out on the weekend without being primed, it's a great solution to blur the complexion without being too much.

  • Create your own blush serum

You may not know this pro makeup artist's tip for applying blush yet. On your hand, apply two drops of Hydra Malva 24 Hour Soothing Moisturizing Botanical Serum. Then, use your brush to pick up some powder blush. Gently rub the brush loaded with pigments over the serum. Finally, apply your blush by gently brushing your cheekbones. Fresh effect guaranteed. This tip is especially great at the end of the day, if you have to go out but can't get back home meanwhile. It will bring back a healthy glow thanks to the hyaluronic acid for the whole evening and cheeks of young girls.

Just because you love makeup doesn't mean it has to be your enemy. Makeup doesn't have to cause pimples or dull your complexion. On the contrary, it is there to magnify your face.

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Let the pink rise to your cheeks, thanks to us!


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