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Saeve Detox Birch Sap Cure

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By Nicolas Gastal
Published on 16 Mar 21 at 4:34

Cantal Birch sap: a benefit for the body and a product used in cosmetics

In Cantal, Luc Jalenques collects birch sap. A detox product, which is also used in cosmetics. Report.

A true enthusiast, Luc Jalenques picks aromatic and medicinal plants throughout the year. In spring (during the month of March), he pays particular attention to the birch sap. A nectar that must be harvested during this month.

Benefits for the body

To make a three-week cure by drinking a glass, with an empty stomach, is thus recommended: "The sap has many virtues. It frees the liver from toxins and allows a remineralization of the body. There is a contribution in lactic acids. At the end of the winter, it helps regenerate the body. At the end of the cure, we are at 8 grams per liter," says Luc.

• Analyzed at the agricultural high school of Saint-Flour

Birch sap is analyzed by the agricultural high school of Saint-Flour. They find in the flora of the sap some probiotics, with benefits on the intestinal flora. There is an ongoing project with the school to produce soap made from birch sap.

Luc is also a harvester for the Sicarappam cooperative which is based in the Puy-de-Dôme. This is an agricultural cooperative of producers of medicinal and aromatic plants, which has about sixty producers in the Massif Central, including 14 who make birch sap.

• In cosmetics

But birch sap also interests the cosmetic industry. And in particular Pauline Bony. This Cantalian launched her brand Saeve three years ago and offers products made from birch sap. An idea that takes root in her childhood: "I remember my grandmother who used it. It has benefits for the skin, for rheumatism. " With the help of a botanist, she wanted to see the results of the benefits on the skin and the feedback was positive: "It also has moisturizing and soothing properties. "

And what could be more natural than to harvest it in her country in Auvergne: "Which is a magnificent region, with a natural area of great beauty. We harvest in the parks of the Volcanoes of Auvergne, on a volcanic land. "

• “It is a booming sector”, Pauline Bony, Manager of the Saeve brand

And since then, it has been a great success: "People are increasingly demanding natural products that are good for the body and the skin. It is a booming sector! "

• With Greentech

For the realization of these cosmetic products, this sap is sold to Greentech. Based in Saint-Beauzire and created in 1992, Greentech develops and produces for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals high-tech ingredients, derived from the deep mechanisms of plants, algae, micro-algae and micro-organisms sourced worldwide. It is the company that takes the samples for the production of these cosmetic products.

  • In the Cantal, Luc Jalenques' birch sap can be found at La Vie Claire and L'Arbre à Pain in Aurillac and at Bio-Planèze in Saint-Flour.