Face Mapping, a reliable method to understand your imperfections?

Face mapping

"Face what? Mapping? But I have a face map?" Like many people affected by acne in adulthood, it seems you've tried everything. Scrubs, aggressive molecules, triple cleansing, stopping eating cheese, visiting the dermatologist, taking specific medications, everything has been tried.

And yet, the imperfections are still there. And if it calms down a little, it comes back quickly and often in the same place. Then one day, you find information on Face Mapping. This method invites you to decipher the origin of your imperfections according to the location of your spots. For example, if it's on your cheek, it could be coming from your lungs.

Face Mapping draws its truth from the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The pimple would then be the reflex expression of an internal organ imbalance. Face Mapping is therefore in line with Chinese reflexology techniques. These methods have been practised for thousands of years and are still proving their worth today, even in the case of serious pathologies.

Face Mapping is in fashion. It is seen by some as a miracle solution. But trendy does not necessarily mean effective. Is it an exact science? Is it really reliable? And what should I do once I've got my information? So we decided to write a full post on the subject.

1 - Yes, acne informs us that there is a dysfunction

Any medicine, whether conventional or traditional, will see acne and blemishes as an expression of imbalance. The treatment methods will not necessarily be the same, but in any case, pimples indicate a dysfunction.

Please note that we are talking about chronic acne, of more or less constant severity and visibility. The small ephemeral accident resulting from the day after a party can happen to anyone. There is no need to panic more than necessary.

If we take the side of integrative medicine such as TCM, the fundamental principle is to look for the cause of the problem. This is where Face Mapping comes from.

If we recap, here is how to interpret the origin of pimples according to the zones:

  • The forehead would correspond to the digestive system,
  • The temples and the eye contour would tell us about the kidneys,
  • The glabella would suggest the liver,
  • The cheeks are related to the lungs,
  • The mandibles and chin would indicate the pelvic floor, the reproductive organs and the hormonal system.

Face mapping drawing

As it stands, the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine have existed since 3500 BC. The results have therefore been observable for thousands of years. But as a reminder, a traditional Chinese medicine course will require 5 years of study. And if we look at the manual technique of reflexology itself, it takes about 2 years to master all the basics.

So, considering these elements, is Face Mapping enough to solve your skin problems?

2 - No, Face Mapping is not enough

The sole and unique interest of Face Mapping is to raise an avenue of investigation as to the cause of your imperfections. It is however an isolated sign. And all holistic medicines will agree that a sign is not a conclusion.

When a practitioner of traditional medicine receives you in a first consultation, he will ask you multiple questions for more than an hour. The aim of this investigation is to find the root cause of the problem. To do this, he will question his consultant by looking at the functioning of all the organs. This allows to link data in order to find a first cause.

Then, the practitioner takes an interest in the person's lifestyle: diet, sleep, physical activity, stress, the psycho-emotional sphere. This is how the potential triggers of the problem are determined.

If we go back to Face Mapping and the person has pimples on the forehead, this seems to indicate that there are imbalances in the intestines. But why? Does the person have an upset bowel? Does the person have food intolerances? Does the person have irritated intestines? In the latter case, is it a food problem? What role does stress play? Where does it come from? Does this stress lead to over or under eating? Etc...

If we stop at the simple sign indicated by the Face Mapping, the person may draw too hasty conclusions about his situation. Beware of green self-medication and errors in treatment.

Sometimes the causal link between the external sign and the basic problem is far from what one might think.

3 - In and Out, a truly effective holistic approach

On the other hand, Face Mapping can give you an initial clue as to what to do next. If your imperfections keep coming back to the same areas, it's time to get in touch with a practitioner. If you haven't seen a dermatologist, start there.

Then, there's nothing to stop you from making an appointment with a traditional Chinese doctor, an Ayurvedic practitioner or a naturopath. Don't start taking herbal remedies or food supplements without knowing what they're all about.

For example, many adult women still suffer from hormonal acne. However, herbs that act on the hormonal system can disrupt it if taken in excessive quantities. Moreover, the field of intervention may be elsewhere. Never go it alone to solve the problem.

The winning combo is to find the source and act internally and externally. From there, you can intervene precisely by modifying your lifestyle and act locally with the help of specific adapted and non-aggressive products for an optimum result.

4 - Pur Paradisi in all circumstances

Anti imperfections products

For our part, our Pur Paradisi range is suitable for all the causes that create acne and blemishes. We act on the consequence and whatever the potential conclusions of Face Mapping, the result is always the same: micro-cysts, papules and pustules.

Pur Paradisi is our purifying Anti-Imperfections range. It has been designed to :

      • Regulate the production of sebum,
      • Purify the epidermis,
      • Tighten the pores,
      • Matify the skin,
      • Harmonise the complexion

In this range, we have added extracts titrated in AHA of Pink Grapefruit with our Immunox® patent. This allows us to intervene on the skin without damaging it or making it even more fragile. The presence of fermented Bacillus allows the skin microbiota to be reseeded and acts as a gentle peel. Zinc salt purifies the skin to stop bacterial proliferation.

We have received many touching testimonials from people who have regained their self-confidence because they no longer have to suffer the marks and discomfort of skin reddened by blemishes.

This range has everything to cleanse, purify, treat, moisturise and mask the skin.

At Saeve, we do more than just Face Mapping, we do Face Engineering

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