Bel et Ordinaire

Séverine and Marie-Claire are sisters and both are long-time friends of Pauline, Saeve's creator. They also come from Auvergne and are passionate about decoration. After settling in Paris a few years ago, they have developed a great sense of decoration and beauty. They know how to sublimate the beauty of everyday life, hunt for wonders you won't find anywhere else, and imagine ultra-refined and authentic places, in their image. They employ craftsmen in cabinet making, sewing, glassmaking.... with a love of simple but beautiful work. For Saeve, Pauline asked them to play the game of staging…


Atelier Saeve

"We grew up in the countryside in Cantal near nature. Also the universe of Saeve speaks to us particularly well.

The brand's natural products, based on Birch sap and Chaga in particular, have inspired us to create a dense and mysterious forest, which contains almost magical powers. The extraordinary effects of these products have set the tone for a magical and even surrealist imagery.

The trunk of the Birch tree with its graphic motif influenced the choice of a black and white decoration, punctuated by a single colour.

As decorators, we are sensitive to everyday objects. And the apothecary flasks and other vials of the brand are so beautiful that they can be left on the bathroom shelves."

Many thanks to Séverine and Marie-Claire F. from Bel Ordinaire

Séverine et Marie-Claire