Acne, dryness, rosacea, understand everything about skin inflammation

Acné, sécheresse, rosacée, tout comprendre sur les inflammations de la peau

What do you mean, you're angry with your skin?!

Poor souls, it is an incredible organ. You get that quite often around here. And it is for it that we have developed ordinary products (not so) with extraordinary virtues.

Does it make you see all kinds of things? Well, yes, it is alive. It reacts. As a reminder, your skin is the first line of defence for your immune system. You know it's that sentinel that protects you. When it feels rushed, it produces an inflammatory reaction. Immune cells arrive in mass at the surfaces, which need them to defend you. Inflammation results in redness, heat, swelling and pain.

Now you understand why your cheeks seem on fire and your pretty face is burning red? Your skin informs you that it feels attacked. This may be true for bacteria, viruses, lesions or injuries, allergies.

Cherish your skin, it informs you that there is something wrong. It needs to be pampered.

Le chaga, Saeve

All our ranges have this miracle ingredient, which fights against sun damage, protects against free radicals, modulates the immune system. Did you guess? This is the organic Chaga, our favorite mushroom. We've already talked to you about here.

It is the second ingredient of our patent Immunox, associated with the Fresh sap of Birch organic. It is said « adaptogen ». That is, it will calm inflammation while balancing immune responses.

And to each family, its problem :

And to each family, its problem :

Gamme Hydra Malva de Saeve

Hydra Malva, it will be…

Hydra Malva, it will be for thirsty skins, attacked by the sun, wind, drought. The complex is enriched with mallow extract, vegetable hyaluronic acid and white willow...

Saeve Hydra Malva Range

La gamme Pur Paradisi de saeve

Pur Paradisi, it's...

For Pur Paradisi, it's the grapefruit that adds to our Chaga. In Bacterial Cleaner mode, it calms and removes pimples and imperfections from our face.

Gamme Detox Officinale de Saeve

Detox Officinale offers you…

Do you live in the city, not far from pollution? Our mushroom, combined with dandelion in the Detox Officinale range, offers you an original armor and boosts your defenses to fight against free radicals.

Gamme Detox Officinale de Saeve

La gamme Perfect Pisum de saeve

Perfect Pisum, it's...

For Perfect Pisum, it's the cell reactivator. Thanks to our complex and the titrated Peas, it stimulates skin with tired immunity, removes stains and restores radiance.

Gamme Lift Pinaster de Saeve

Lift Pinaster, you will find…

And finally in Lift Pinaster, you will find Maritime Pine. Your skin will age positively by limiting the impact of any traces that inflammation may have left on it and the expression of wrinkles.

Gamme Lift Pinaster de Saeve

No fire can resist S[æ]ve. Not even the flames of hell.

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