5 Tips for Back to School

5 Tips for Back to School

We are extremely delighted to see you again in this September. Hope you all look beautiful and nicely tanned. At S[æ]ve, we have taken a break and are ready to company you for a whole year. We're thrilled!

Back to school often rhymes with gloom. Still, nothing forces you to take things on the wrong side.

We will explain to you how to:

1 –  Maintain the holiday vibes

During the holidays, we like to slow down and enjoy ourselves without worrying about the time going by. We suggest that you make these beautiful moments last with your family.

Profit from your weekends. Walks in the park, back-to-school exhibits, small terraced restaurants and a picnic in the countryside, everything is ideal to continue to enjoy the light. A bonus for the skin.

De l'eau à boire

2 – Restore an energy supply

Ice cream, barbecues, appetisers, it would have been so good. However, it is absolutely essential to gain some energy in order to regain the rhythm. There are still some nice fruits and vegetables on the shelves. Green beans are on board and so are the grapes. So full of antioxidants and vitamins to boost the skin and a good mood.

De l'eau à boire

Fruits et légumes

3 – Use the planning tools

A golden rule for the upcoming school year: the TO DO LIST. No need to plan schedules holding half of the fridge. Your lion wrinkles won't be happy about it. The good old-fashioned list of tasks is there to help you stay on track without panic. There are also some phone applications to help you gain clarity.

Protection solaire de qualité Saeve

4 – Take some time for silence

There will be phone ringing, conversations with colleagues, judo registrations, school checklists in crowded stores... All these are reasons to seek silence, the most beautiful quintessence. Take 10 minutes a day, during which you will drop all external stresses.

Protection solaire de qualité Saeve

Masques Saeve

5 – Take care of yourself…

…and your skin. It is often the last wheel of the coach. It is not like we no longer have time for anything and we easily drop the care.

However, at the end of summer, the skin often needs it. We have a solution for you. Use our masks. They allow to act on the skin in depth in a short time.

At this time of the year, you can rely on our Soothing Rehydrating Infusion Mask with Mallow extract to deeply nourish your skin and chase away the signs of fatigue. And to cleanse the sunscreen-saturated skin by Intense Detoxifying Mask with Dandelion Extract. A guaranteed glamour!

Have a nice school year!

The T[æ]m


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