30 Years Old, the Best Ways to Keep Your Youth Asset

30 ans, les bons réflexes pour garder son capital jeunesse

Stop making that face! 30 years is a wonderful age. Women are more mature, independent, they take more responsibilities and become more confident of themselves and the choices they make. All this confidence-boost glorifies your aura.

Now you become a SUPER GIRL!


Hydratez-vous et mangez mieux

1 - Be Hydrated and Eat Well

To have a toned skin, a well-biological-balanced body and the highest possible maintenance of vital rejuvenation functions, nutrition and hydration play a key role in these priorities. Drink 1.25L of water every day and make sure that half of your plate is made of vegetables. Antioxidants are found mainly in plants. It would be a serious mistake to neglect them.

Bougez et respirez

2 – Exercise And Respire

Sport activity is an easy way to maintain the good quality of the skin and its oxygenation. Do you want to tone your skin, remove impurities, sober up and keep a doll's complexion? Move and ask for your breath.

Bougez et respirez

Eau micellaire Détox

3 – Cleanse Your Skin

The skin cell renewal cannot be done if the pores are blocked. Cleanse your skin morning and evening, especially on days when you wear make-up. Be diligent in this beauty ritual. To achieve this, the botanical cares for make-up removal and cleansing exist: our Detoxifying Micellar Water and our Makeup Removal Cleansing Gel.

Contour des Yeux Lift Pinaster

4 – Relax Your Gaze

Not gonna lie, the first thing to crack your face will be the eye contour area. Although a crow's feet have a crazy charm, the optimal hydration of this area will make a big difference. Thanks to our Lifting Eye and Lip Contour Careyou can bring back an absolute hydration and an anti-ageing action with a simple gesture with Pinus pinaster extracts. Discover this video of Pauline for a first-class application.

Contour des Yeux Lift Pinaster

Detox Officinale

5 – Moisturize and fight against free radicals

Needless to say, unhydrated skin contributes to the first wrinkles. In addition, it is essential to provide your skin with active ingredients that fight free radicals, which accelerate skin ageing. Discover our Detoxifying Antioxidant Shield Botanical Serum, which will work in depth on skin revitalization and fine lines. And to perfect it all, moisturize and boost your skin with ourRegenerating Detox Night Cream.

S[æ]ve Thirty’s, Be Happy et May Youth Be With You!

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