Question: How do you pronounce "Saeve"?

Answer: Like the word sap in French! Saeve's particular spelling is a nod to our flagship asset, the authentic Organic Birch Fresh Sap and its fabulous skin-saving capabilities ("Save" in English 😉). Saeve, the sap that saves your skin!


Question: How do you pronounce Saeve?

Answer: Like the word sap in French! Saeve's particular spelling is a nod to our flagship asset, the authentic Organic Birch Fresh Sap and its fabulous skin-saving capabilities ("Save" in English 😉). Saeve, the sap that saves your skin!

Smoothie Bowl anti-free radicals

But it's so hot! It is indeed summer. The market stalls are full of fresh and juicy fruit, stuffed with sunshine and antioxidants ready to fight against ageing.

PanaisSo, we thought of a refreshing little recipe with all these good seasonal fruits, to prepare your skin to fight against the sun's aggressions. And then, our recipe for Smoothie Bowl with Apricot and Red Fruits is very good for morale and fatigue at the end of the school year.

The fruits are full of vitamins and minerals ready to help the liver to do its elimination and detoxification work. Perfect for gourmet aperitifs that are a little too festive, apricot has a high vitamin C content to give you a good boost. It prepares the skin for tanning.

Red fruits, including goji berries, are made up of flavonoids and phytosterols. These antioxidants activate microcirculation. They therefore induce a better tissue oxygenation. Bye, the dull complexion of the office!

This Smoothie Bowl can be enjoyed in the morning as a Br[æ]kfast, but also in the afternoon for a fruity snack. Here is a healthy little treat "Garden next Door" as we like them at S[æ]ve.

Ingrédients smoothie topping

To your utensils, we take action.

The recipe is for 4 people. If you are single or only in a couple, this Smoothie can be stored in the refrigerator without any problem, in a moisture-tight container.

For the smoothie :

  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 1 non-frozen spot banana
  • 5 frozen apricots
  • 3 tablespoons almond milk

For topping and per person:

  • 1 fresh apricot
  • 1 handful of blueberries
  • 5 to 6 raspberries
  • 1 handful of gooseberries
  • 2 tablespoons of chia seed
  • 1 tablespoon goji berry
  • 1 tablespoon slivered almonds

#1 : The day before, cut 2 bananas and 5 apricots into medium-sized pieces and place them in the freezer.

#2 : The next day, cut a banana into pieces. Pour 2 tablespoons of almond milk into a blender. Place the fresh and frozen banana pieces and pulse mix until a creamy mixture is obtained.

#3 : Then add the frozen apricots with a new tablespoon of almond milk. Mix again until a new creamy consistency is obtained.

#4 : Pour into bowls and decorate according to the proposed topping. 

Have a good tasting. On our side, we are conquered.

The T[æ]m

6 serums to be urgently adopted for summer

6 sérums à adopter d’urgence pour l’été, Saeve

Do you know that many of our serums habe been awarded by major professional beauty authorities ? And we are proud to have worked hard to offer you qualiy synergies.

Your best friend told you about the visible results of S[ae]ve products on her healthy glow. So for the last few days, you have been wanting to enjoy yourself. But among our serums, which one to choose for this summer?

Don't panic, we offer you a detailed manual of our serums.


Sérum Botanique Hydratant 24h Apaisant, Saeve

1 – 24hr Soothing Moisturizing Botanical Serum

If we have nicknamed it the « Thirst Quenching Sap », it is because with its titrated Mallow and pure vegetable hyaluronic acid extracts, this serum will perfectly quench skins dehydrated by mountain sun or wind and sea salt. A true ally for summer.

Sérum Botanique Purifiant Anti-Imperfections, Saeve

2 – Anti-Imperfections Purifying Botanical Serum

Exposure to the sun, the need to wear sunscreens, sweating tend to mark your skin with unsightly little blackheads? The Anti-Imperfections serum is made for you. Thanks to the presence of titrated grapefruit extracts, it purifies the epidermis and restores light and radiance to the complexion soiled by imperfections.

Sérum Botanique Purifiant Anti-Imperfections, Saeve

Sérum Botanique Bouclier Detox Anti-Oxydant, Saeve

3 – Detoxifying Antioxidant Shield Botanical Serum

Do you like the sun? That's a good thing. But prolonged exposure causes oxidative stress on the skin and premature aging. We should have named it « The free radical neutralizer » so incredible is its rejuvenating power. Light, radiance and anti-free radical shield, that's all the effectiveness of this serum with titrated dandelion extracts.

Sérum Botanique Booster d’Eclat Anti-Taches, Saeve

4 –Whitening Anti-Spot Botanical Serum

The sun intensifies skin spots and overpigmentation. And even with perfect protection, reverberation can cause marks to appear on the face. Our Whitening Anti-Spot Botanical Serum with titled Peas extracts acts directly on the harmonisation and balance of an increasingly perfect complexion.

Sérum Botanique Booster d’Eclat Anti-Taches, Saeve

Sérum Botanique Nuit Micro Peel Peau Neuve, Saeve

5 – Whitening Micropeel Botanical Night Serum

Brother of the previous serum, Whitening Micropeel Botanical Night Serum is the perfect complement to help the skin get rid of the day's photo damage while you sleep. In this season, it's a pretty good idea.

Sérum Botanique Anti-âge Fermeté, Saeve

6 – Firming Anti-Aging Botanical Serum

As we age, the skin becomes thin and fragile. Summer is then a time of major discomfort risk. But this is not inevitable. This serum with titrated Maritime Pine extracts redensifies the skin and gives it volume again. No wrinkle will resist it.

Sérum Botanique Anti-âge Fermeté, Saeve

Our serums have one of the highest concentrations of active ingredients on the market. The testimonies of many users tell of their effectiveness. Don't try to believe us. Try them instead. You will inevitably be amazed.

Sun is shining, and your skin too.

The T[æ]m

5 tips to enjoy the benefits of sun and light

5 conseils pour profiter des bienfaits du soleil et de la lumière

Swimsuits and pareos, friends! Today, we talk to you about heat, beaches, idleness, sunny days. You probably know that the characteristic of light and sun is to bring us an indispensable vitamin D.

The latter is involved in maintaining a good bone mass, preventing the risk of fractures and osteoporosis, boosting immunity to fight infections of all kinds, and helping to regulate mood and depression. With regard to the skin, the sun improves psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo.

However, prolonged exposure to the sun can have the opposite effect. Apart from the skin of the speckled lizard, the main harmful effects are sunstrokes, sunburn, uveitis and especially skin cancers.

So we thought that a small glossary of good practice would be a good idea.

S'exposer avec mesure

1 –  Exposure with restraint

Yolo, it's time for a tan! Yes, but before 10:00 and after 4:00. If you have fair skin or are locked in the office all year round, go slowly. And above all, we make sure to protect fragile parts , such as the head or neck with clothes and a hat.

De l'eau à boire

2 – Drink enough water

Stop thinking you're a camel. It is imperative to drink more than usual to avoid dehydration or even loss of consciousness. Increase your consumption up to 2 litres and don't wait to feel thirsty.

De l'eau à boire

Fruits et légumes

3 – Fill your plate with antioxidants

In the sun, we oxidize. So red, green, orange, focus on natural antioxidants. Have a heavy hand on colourful vegetables and fruits such as apricots, peppers, melons, blueberries. Raw or cooked, put everything into it.

Protection solaire de qualité Saeve

4 – Use quality sunscreens

Sleekly coat yourself with sunscreens of good composition. For your eyes, sunglasses make you chic, but not always at the risk of disorienting your body clock. Use them only when the light reflects.

Protection solaire de qualité Saeve

Nos produits gammes corps de Saeve

5 – Moisturize your skin promptly

Vegetable butter, olive oil and vitamin PP... Just that! Our nourishing creams are designed to soothe and nourish in depth the upper layers of the skin. Also remember to moisturize your hands. These gestures will allow you to get a modern-day Vahine tan all summer long.

Sea, S[æ]ve and Sun

The T[æ]m

Grapefruit, the twist of oily skin

Pamplemousse, S[æ]ve

It is on this zest of good humour that we are talking about grapefruit today. Because this fruit is much more than just a tonic kick in morning juices.

Did you know that grapefruit contains some active ingredient nuggets that can wake the dead? There is life in it: fruit acids, vitamin C, phenolic acids, limonene, beta-carotene...

Let's skip the physico-chemical details to highlight the virtues of this not at all forbidden fruit.

Le pamplemousse, Saeve

1 – Purification of the epidermis

In grapefruit, AHAs for alpha-hydroxy acid are found. These act as small cleaning agents and help to remove impurities that block the seborrheic channels. Fruit acids exfoliate the skin, remove dead cells and excess sebum. The skin is aseptic, toned and pores tighten.

2 – Skin detoxification

In grapefruit, there is Vitamin C. It is a powerful major antioxidant that fights free radicals that cause dull and blurred complexions. The skin becomes lighter. Studies even show that it is less photosensitive and less prone to sunburn.

Sérum Botanique Purifiant Anti-Imperfections Pur Paradisi


3 – Anti-ageing action

Fruit acids have the property of participating in cell renewal. Indeed, the Soft Peeling effect of grapefruit removes dead cells and causes cell renewal with keratinocytes capable of better preserving their water content. The complexion is then fresh and energized.

Grapefruit is the major ingredient in our range Pur Paradisi. In addition to the Immunox complex, it insists on deep pore cleansing and toning of the skin's immune system.

From the very first applications, our users notice that their complexion cools quickly without drying out, as can be seen with some acne treatment products. Our products are designed to be gentle on you and to leave you comfortable.

We are proud to announce that our Anti-imperfections purifying botanical serum of the range recently received the award « Top Innovation » at the "Victoires de la beauté 2019-2020".

And for all skin types, know that S[æ]ve has thought of an SOS remedy with the Intense anti-imperfection corrector to quickly overcome the little surprises that life has in store for us. 

Sérum Botanique Purifiant Anti-Imperfections Pur Paradisi

Pep’s your life, S[æ]ve your skin

The T[æ]m

S[æ]ve and Naturopathy

S[æ]ve and Naturopathy

  You may know that S[æ]ve is a fan of "alternative" medicines and approaches where Man is considered in all his uniqueness. We do offer c...

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S[æ]ve and Naturopathy



You may know that S[æ]ve is a fan of "alternative" medicines and approaches where Man is considered in all his uniqueness.

We do offer cosmetics, but our desire was stronger than to offer an additional product brand. We wanted much more for you, and all this with fantasy, humour and optimism.

Among traditional medicines, we are very close to the Naturopathy. But do you know what it is? This unconventional medicine is about prevention and support. Its aim is to provide the keys to a better lifestyle that will allow you to age in the best conditions, while enjoying Life.

You will also notice that we have put a lot of our efforts into the search for phytotherapeutic active ingredients. The detoxifying and revitalizing Fresh sap of organic birch is one of the naturopath's tools. The Organic Chaga is an integral part of the techniques used by practitioners through Mycotherapy, a gold mine of benefits for immunity.

Gamme Relax Rheum, Saeve

In each of our products, we use plants with titrated extracts. We seek the absolute efficiency of plants through an extraction that allows an optimal concentration of active ingredients. Mallow, Maritime pine, Peas, Grapefruit, all our products integrate the richness of Nature. No wonder that when you come into contact with S[æ]ve, you feel magnified like pretty little Fairies.

Among the tips we give you here, you will notice that we offer dietary, relaxing and invigorating tips. We talk to you about hydration, rest, calm. In Naturopathy, the skin is considered as a journal of information. If the latter is weakened, it informs you that you must take care of yourself.

After each contact, the Naturopath will propose an action plan based on a nutritional revitalization phase or an elimination detox phase. 

Gamme Relax Rheum, Saeve


Saeve Detox range

It is in this approach that we have thought of our Detox range. With extract titrated in Dandelion, this anti-oxidant range helps your body to eliminate and fight free radicals, responsible for skin ageing and complexion alteration.

In this range, we have added Apple Phloretin, highly anti-aging and a vegetable protein extract to stimulate collagen production and repair.

What could be more Naturo, what could be more Natural...

The T[æ]m

Relax Rheum, our body cream based on Rhubarb, the favorite of the CLOSER editor

(CLOSER magazine, n° 265887, p.50)

Biba Saeve

Dehydrated skin: the virtues of Mallow
Mauve, Saeve 

Don't they say « Small, but strong » ? Today, we corroborate this adage with our pretty Mallow, star of the Hydra Malva range.

This is the « cute » moment of the week. This delicate little flower with a soft and harmonious purple colour is full of incredible benefits. It is developing as we speak, in Spring. We even encourage you to harvest them to dry them and consume them as a beneficial infusion if you wish.

Be careful, the list of its fabulous virtues is long.

On the physiological level, Mallow helps to fight infections by boosting B lymphocytes, small sentinels of our immune defences.

It contains mucilage. In contact with water, this vegetable substance takes the form of a gel, giving it an emollient action. In herbal medicine, this word refers to everything that will soften and calm inflammation. It will therefore have proven effectiveness in colds and other ENT disorders, relieving painful throats and clearing the airways.

Mucilage helps people with digestive inflammation and regulates transit. As a reminder, a happy transit has a direct impact on the beauty of your skin.

Fille heureuse Hydra Malva de Saeve

In fact, on the latter, it is a pure marvel. Its anti-inflammatory properties will have the same effect in local application.

In special cases, it will soothe burns, sunburn, insect bites and skin itching. Thanks to the presence of flavonoids, the small Malva Sylvestris will help to heal and prevent premature aging. It soothes the painful sensations of tightened and overheated faces caused by dehydration.

Thirsty skin is often uncomfortable. It tends to blush and sometimes itch when it lacks water. The bounced face loses its appearance and the freshness of the complexion is blurred.

Fille heureuse Hydra Malva de Saeve

Saeve 24hr Soothing Moisturizing Botanical Serum

The Mallow in S[æ]ve

In our soothing moisturizing range, Mallow is combined with our magical complex Immunox with fresh organic birch sap and organic chaga. Our aim is to offer you products that aim to do more than just provide the moisturizing function we hope to achieve.

For example, in our best-seller, the 24hr Soothing Moisturizing Botanical Serum, you will find mallow extract titrated at the optimal concentration and vegetable hyaluronic acid to help you achieve a light, rested and plumped complexion.

Be as fresh as a Mallow… Be S[æ]ve !

 The T[æ]m

Acne, dryness, rosacea, understand everything about skin inflammation

Acné, sécheresse, rosacée, tout comprendre sur les inflammations de la peau

What do you mean, you're angry with your skin?!

Poor souls, it is an incredible organ. You get that quite often around here. And it is for it that we have developed ordinary products (not so) with extraordinary virtues.

Does it make you see all kinds of things? Well, yes, it is alive. It reacts. As a reminder, your skin is the first line of defence for your immune system. You know it's that sentinel that protects you. When it feels rushed, it produces an inflammatory reaction. Immune cells arrive in mass at the surfaces, which need them to defend you. Inflammation results in redness, heat, swelling and pain.

Now you understand why your cheeks seem on fire and your pretty face is burning red? Your skin informs you that it feels attacked. This may be true for bacteria, viruses, lesions or injuries, allergies.

Cherish your skin, it informs you that there is something wrong. It needs to be pampered.

Le chaga, Saeve

All our ranges have this miracle ingredient, which fights against sun damage, protects against free radicals, modulates the immune system. Did you guess? This is the organic Chaga, our favorite mushroom. We've already talked to you about here.

It is the second ingredient of our patent Immunox, associated with the Fresh sap of Birch organic. It is said « adaptogen ». That is, it will calm inflammation while balancing immune responses.

And to each family, its problem :

And to each family, its problem :

Gamme Hydra Malva de Saeve

Hydra Malva, it will be…

Hydra Malva, it will be for thirsty skins, attacked by the sun, wind, drought. The complex is enriched with mallow extract, vegetable hyaluronic acid and white willow...

Saeve Hydra Malva Range

La gamme Pur Paradisi de saeve

Pur Paradisi, it's...

For Pur Paradisi, it's the grapefruit that adds to our Chaga. In Bacterial Cleaner mode, it calms and removes pimples and imperfections from our face.

Gamme Detox Officinale de Saeve

Detox Officinale offers you…

Do you live in the city, not far from pollution? Our mushroom, combined with dandelion in the Detox Officinale range, offers you an original armor and boosts your defenses to fight against free radicals.

Gamme Detox Officinale de Saeve

La gamme Perfect Pisum de saeve

Perfect Pisum, it's...

For Perfect Pisum, it's the cell reactivator. Thanks to our complex and the titrated Peas, it stimulates skin with tired immunity, removes stains and restores radiance.

Gamme Lift Pinaster de Saeve

Lift Pinaster, you will find…

And finally in Lift Pinaster, you will find Maritime Pine. Your skin will age positively by limiting the impact of any traces that inflammation may have left on it and the expression of wrinkles.

Gamme Lift Pinaster de Saeve

No fire can resist S[æ]ve. Not even the flames of hell.

The T[æ]m

Instant Yoga with S[æ]ve

Instant Yoga with S[æ]ve

Today, you are taken to a yoga room to get softness and well-being. Calm moments are important in life and for your skin. Welcome to this humble ...

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Instant Yoga with S[æ]ve

Saeve, Instant Yoga with S[æ]ve

Today, you are taken to a yoga room to get softness and well-being. Calm moments are important in life and for your skin.

Welcome to this humble and peaceful place. There are carpets on the floor, soft colours, blankets. A delicate light envelops the ceiling. We're fine. We're fine. You are invited to return to your favourite place to indulge in slow and harmonious movements.


Yoga, Saeve

Know that yoga is good for the skin. In India, it is therapeutic and doctors provide it to patients. Each position causes a muscle or organ to be stressed. The skin is the first to be affected. Careful movements based on your breathing activate blood circulation and perspiration gently.

Some positions are favourable to elimination and drainage, perfect to help our body to have a beautiful skin. At the end of the session, we have a smooth and pink of serenity complexion.

Try it at home, if you are still doubtful. All positions that stretch the sides and stomach are to be preferred. Jathara Pariviti is perfect. This is the position of the elongated half-moon. Lying down, arms on the ground raised backwards, palm against palm, the body is stretched calmly by leaning hands to the left and right. Blow for a long time. All the meridian of the liver is involved.

Speaking of stretching, it's likely your skin is tight right now. Temperatures change, there is wind and our skin must adapt. The result is a slightly dehydrated skin.

Speaking of stretching, it's likely your skin is tight right now. Temperatures change, there is wind and our skin must adapt. The result is a slightly dehydrated skin.

Gamme Relax Rheum, Saeve

Why not set up a ritual full of joy ?

After your Yoga session, we suggest you extend this moment by relaxing in a warm and soothing shower with our Relax Rheum Shower Gel with Rhubarb extract.

Rhubarb is super moisturizing. 70% of its composition is made up of water. It is also a source of manganese and vitamin C, perfect for dry skin. After the shower, you are advised to feed it with the 24hr moisturizing milk. Or even better, with the Relaxing Nourishing Cream with an enveloping smell and texture as the softest of caresses. 

Gamme Relax Rheum, Saeve

Take care of your body so that your soul wants to live in it

It is a logical advice to which we can only subscribe, in the depths of our convictions.

The T[æ]m

4 gestures to fight against brown spots

« Muuuuuum, what's on your forehead? ? »

Oops... As you come back from your Sunday walk, the mirror shows up as a golden flower between your two wide eyes. On Monday, your office colleague is intractable. It's a melasma. "No more young skin!"she says to you.

Saeve, Comment lutter contre les taches

What she doesn't know is that S[æ]ve is there.

Lentigos, dermatitis, chloasma, hyper melanosis..... So many technical words to describe more commonly brown spots and pigment disorders most often visible on your face, neckline, upper back, hands, and sometimes calves.

This phenomenon concerns a denaturation of skin cells, called melanocytes. Melanin, dye pigment, remains trapped in the cell and causes intense staining. It is the latter that you see far too much to the eye more than naked.

There are many factors: the sun in almost 70% of cases, hormone intake, pregnancy, acne, cosmetics containing alcohol and sacrosanct skin aging.

Do you want to keep a velvety complexion? So be aware of the actions to be taken :

Le soleil est notre ami, mais…

1 – Sun is our friend but...

During the hottest hours of the summer, UV rays, which provide murderous free radicals, affect us. If you can't stay in the shade, protect your skin with sunscreen, wear sunglasses and shade your face with a hat. Remember to cream your hands too. Expose yourself before 10am and after 5pm.

Cools avec vos imperfections…

2 – Be cool with your imperfections…

When you have imperfections, be kind enough not to bruise your skin by touching or piercing it all the time. That's enough! This causes skin lesions, which turn into spots if exposed. 

And to make a button disappear apply our incredible Intense Anti-Imperfections Corrector !  

Cools avec vos imperfections…

De l’eau, de l’eau, de l’eau…

3 – Water, water, water...

Let us not forget that water hydrates the tissues and prevents skin dryness, which accelerates aging. Water provides nutrients and oxygen in our body, allowing drainage and cell renewal.

It is still time for you to do your spring cure of Organic Birch Fresh Sap to restore perfectly hydrated and soothed skin. Discover the secrets of our harvest by video. 

Vitamine C, votre alliée

4 – Vitamin C, your ally

This vitamin is essential for tissue regeneration. However, not all forms of vitamin C are supported by the skin. In our Perfect Pisum Range, we use stabilized vitamin C combined with pea, an infallible duo against stains. Associated with chaga, unifying effect guaranteed.


Don't know where to start? Work with our Anti-Spot Radiance Line, a concentrate of radiance and joviality.

The T[æ]m

Zinc, the ally of imperfect skin

And now this morning, you get up with nasty little pimples on your chin. You felt that your skin was working right now. Some shine. The gray complexion. It's not a joy. Don't panic, we have the absolute weapon: zinc. 

Zinc girl, Saeve 

This metal is present in minute traces in our organism, but is of an indispensable essentiality. You can find them in our Pur Paradisi range to help purify and reduce the expression of imperfections on your femme fatale skin.

Let's start with nutrition. Zinc is a trace element, with recommended intakes of 12 to 15 mg per day. It is involved in more than 200 biological reactions. It participates in protein synthesis and in particular in the synthesis of cellular DNA. It is essential for hormonal regulation. Our thyroid, pancreas and sex glands really need it. It helps to maintain normal functioning of immunity, tissue growth and fertility.

Concerning the skin, it is a cofactor in the production of keratin and of collagen. No beautiful skins, no beautiful hair without his intervention. It is a powerful antioxidant with regard to skin ageing and wound healing.

Can you imagine that?


It is found in the following foods in good quantities:

  • Eggs
  • Squash seeds
  • Shellfish and crustaceans
  • The wheat germ
  • Legumes such as lentils.

It should be noted that the body can only absorb 1% of the quantities ingested. Many people, including vegetarians, the elderly and pregnant women, have deficiencies. Please note that all Saève products are suitable for future mothers without any problems.

You think that if you are deficient, the little eaten will immediately be used to provide the essential functions of the body. And now your complexion and mane of fire suffer as a result..

So why not help your skin with our products? Pur Paradisi is a range containing extract of titrated Dandelion with a good concentration of fruit acids. But in addition, zinc completes the products in order to help the skin renew itself. In case of imperfections, the pores will be less dilated and the traces faded. Especially if you stop touching them. Yes, yes, we see you do it! Get your hands off of it!


Use our products to clean, purify and illuminate your pretty fairy face.

 The T[æ]m

The harvesting secrets of our fresh organic birch sap

We take you to one of the forests of the Volcans d'Auvergne regional park to harvest the fresh organic birch sap that you will find in all our Saève products.