Question: How do you pronounce "Saeve"?

Answer: Like the word sap in French! Saeve's particular spelling is a nod to our flagship asset, the authentic Organic Birch Fresh Sap and its fabulous skin-saving capabilities ("Save" in English 😉). Saeve, the sap that saves your skin!


Question: How do you pronounce Saeve?

Answer: Like the word sap in French! Saeve's particular spelling is a nod to our flagship asset, the authentic Organic Birch Fresh Sap and its fabulous skin-saving capabilities ("Save" in English 😉). Saeve, the sap that saves your skin!

Saeve's Homemade Detox Herbal Tea to fill up on antioxidants
Saeve's Homemade Detox Herbal Tea to fill up on antioxidants

What if, this year, we decided to practice a gentle detox thanks to a magical herbal tea associated with our antioxidant Officinal Detox range?

Eliminate toxins at the end of winter thanks to a routine with beautiful botanical virtues for a magnified skin.

Do you know the "Garden Next Door" credo of Saeve? This beautiful idea asserts that the French countryside is full of magnificent natural treasures to help us. It's like opening the door of a house to forests of birch or maritime pine, gardens of peas or pink grapefruit, beds of mallows and fields of dandelions.

Saeve is driven by this principle. Why look elsewhere when we have so many botanical wonders at our fingertips? Our Immunox® patent is the proof. It is the result of a natural synergy of fresh organic Birch sap and organic Chaga, our "mushroom of immortality." These two active ingredients come from our beautiful French nature. Beyond its patent, Saeve is inspired by the super plants that we can find everywhere in France to formulate its care.

Heather birch, Saeve

The idea of a "Garden Next Door" Detox Tea

We have decided to offer you a simple and effective detox solution: a recipe for a "Garden Next Door" detox tea. It was imagined by a naturopath, passionate about plants and their botanical virtues.

We asked her to respect Saeve's specifications: to activate the elimination of toxins from the body and the skin with active antioxidant principles from French plants. And the bet is won. Discover below its extraordinary recipe.

The recipe of the detox "Garden Next Door" tea by Saeve

It is advisable to go to an herbalist's shop to have it prepared according to the quantities indicated. However, you can also order the plants online and make it yourself. It should then be kept in a kraft paper bag, protected from light and humidity.


For 100g of mixture, that is to say 40 cups of 25 cl approximately, it will be necessary:


• 30g of Birch leaves - Betula SPP

• 30g of Heather - Calluna Vulgaris

• 20g of wild pansy - Viola tricolor

• 10g of Rosehip berries or Cynorrodhon - Rosa Canin

• 10g of dried blueberry fruit - Vaccinium Myrtillus

Warning, this tea is not suitable for people who are sensitive or allergic to salicylates.


How to prepare this herbal Detox " Garden Next Door " tea?

It is advised to make a cure of one tablespoon of herbal tea for 50 cl of water over 20 days. You can consume 2 cups of 25 cl or drink your fresh tea throughout the day, before 5pm. To preserve the virtues of the plants, heat the water in a pan and remove it from the fire at the first simmering. Remove from the heat, pour the plants into the hot water and cover. Leave to infuse for about 10 minutes, before filtering and tasting. And above all, throw away the used plants.

« Garden Next Door » Herbal tea

The interest of this Herbal Detox "Garden Next Door” Tea

This herbal tea has a delicious taste of red berries and summer countryside.

All the plants used contain antioxidants: flavonoids contained in birch leaves, wild pansy or blueberry and carotenoids from the rosehip. Did you know that antioxidants are a formidable weapon to help the liver in its natural elimination principle ?

And to perfect this action, the birch, the heather and the wild pansy will act directly on this phenomenon of internal elimination of toxins. Birch and Heather both have a natural diuretic action. In Naturopathy, it is considered that the kidney is of major use to help the liver to do its detoxification work. Heather also has a so-called diaphoretic virtue. It gently activates sweating, which induces an additional natural elimination through the skin.

The wild pansy is known in herbal medicine to help oily skin, but also eczema and itching problems. This tea has been designed to activate the elimination of toxins throughout the body, supporting the functions of the liver, skin and kidneys, with a maximum of antioxidants from the "Garden Next Door".

Tisane Detox « Garden Next Door »

Detox Officinale range

Detox Herbal Tea and Officinal Detox Range, same fight for the skin

At Saeve, we offer you our Officinal Detox range with titrated Dandelion extract. It couldn't be more "Garden Next Door", could it?

Combined with our Immunox® patent formulated with fresh organic Birch sap and organic Chaga, Dandelion fights oxidative stress resulting from urban pollution and all the external agents that cause free radicals. Thanks to Détox Officinale, Saeve, helps the skin to regenerate with a vegetable protein extract, then protects it from external aggressions thanks to Apple Phloretin.

Our Detox Officinale facial care line offers an antioxidant routine for revitalized skin and a sober complexion. Our range is composed of:

  • Detox Micellar Water: in addition to perfectly removing makeup from the face and eyes, it refines the skin texture and effectively eliminates impurities and the veil of pollution that accumulate during the day on our skin.
  • Botanical Serum Detox Shield Antioxidant: this is the care product in the range with the highest concentration of active ingredients to revitalize the skin, smooth it and give it a fresher, more radiant complexion. Goodbye to gray complexion! Bye-bye tiredness!
  • Multi-Defense Detox Cream SPF 30: protects the skin from free radicals and UV rays that accelerate skin aging.
  • Regenerating Detox Night Cream: at night, skin cells naturally renew themselves. This night cream takes advantage of this to repair the damage caused during the day by free radicals and other external aggressions.
  • Intense Detox Mask: to complete the anti-pollution routine, this mask frees the skin from pollutants, refines its texture and eliminates signs of tiredness. The skin is softer, more supple and more radiant.


With all this, you can only glow from the inside out, like a beautiful Plant.

Happy Detoxing.

The T[æ]m

5 winter foods for a beautiful skin
5 winter foods for a beautiful skin

Winter is often the season of rich and hearty dishes. We need warmth and comfort, and our cravings inevitably turn to good gratins and dishes with sauce.

There are also many traditional holidays that lead us to indulgence. The wonderful cookies of Christmas, the joyful “Galette des Rois”, the good pancakes and “crêpes” of Chandeleur and Easter and its little chocolates.

Women are never more beautiful than when they take care of themselves. However, we regularly alert on the fact that too much sugar can alter the skin's collagen and its natural renewal process.

Excesses of sugar are not just the preserve of snacks and desserts. Complex carbohydrates are also found in pasta, bread and pizza. Isn't lasagna Bolognese one of the most popular winter dishes?

Like everything else, we need to be balanced. Eating too many carbohydrates can have an impact on the skin, especially on the appearance of blackheads. Some people may also have difficulties tolerating lactose and milk protein from dairy products. Just like excesses of starchy foods, cheese and dairy desserts can lead to pimples and blemishes, even to the point of severe skin redness. 

And while balance is important, so is variety. All food families, including fiber, need to have a place in your diet for a beautiful skin.

So, before you tell us that the fresh winter supermarket shelves are lacking in suggestions, we'd like to give you 5 ideas for wellness foods that are good for your morale, your body, your skin and nice in your plate.

1 – Mushrooms

Frankly, we couldn't pass by. Our Immunox® complex contains organic Chaga extracts. This mushroom is the protector of the Birch tree, from which we get the sap. It grows on the wounds of the tree to help it like a natural bandage, which stimulates its immunity. It is also a storehouse of good nutrients.

All mushrooms contain beta-glucans. These molecules are soluble fibers. They nourish the intestinal barrier, support the microbiota and regulate transit. This acts directly on the condition of our skin, stimulating the natural elimination of our body.

They are extremely rich in minerals and trace elements, especially zinc, which protects the skin. As for the Chaga, winter mushrooms contain natural antioxidants, whose virtues are known against cellular oxidation, which induces spots and gray complexion.

Finally, they contain the whole family of B vitamins, including the famous biotin or vitamin B8, which plays an essential role in the beauty of the skin, but also nails and hair.

At this time of the year, oyster mushrooms and button mushrooms are available, especially the Portobello variety, whose size makes it possible to garnish good vegetable burgers. They can be stuffed with garlic parsley, which is excellent for protecting the cardiovascular system. Raw, mushrooms are perfect for winter salads with citrus fruits and a nice sauce made of cider vinegar and hazelnut oil. 

2 – Beetroot

Beet is often shunned because of its strong taste. It is a root vegetable, which has a particular taste. It is most commonly eaten cooked, for practical reasons, because they take a long time to cook.

You can choose to consume beet as fresh juice with an extractor. But the easiest way is to cook them in the oven. In this case, peel your beet, cut it into 1 cm cubes. Cook it for 20 to 30 minutes at 240° in a baking dish, coated with olive oil.

The beet contains betaine, known as cryoprotector. It protects the plant against the effects of cold. Perfect for our skin, which needs help in winter to fight against the cold. Betaine also acts on liver’s elimination functions and in particular on toxic products such as alcohol.

On our skin, it acts directly against oxidation on the one hand, but also participates in limiting the grayish or yellow complexion. It also contains polyphenols. In addition to supporting the proper functioning of your cardiovascular systems, it also brings pink to your cheeks.

Beet is one of the richest vegetables in glutamine. This amino acid is the most present in our human body, largely present in the muscles. However, glutamine also acts on skin aging by directly affecting the quality of the tissue.

3 - Lamb's lettuce

The star of winter salads, it is appreciated for its sweetness. It arrives on our shelves in January for the delight of our little bellies.

It is cultivated in the Nantes region for its controlled appellation.

Lamb's lettuce is an excellent source of vitamin C, if it is fresh and eaten quickly, obviously raw. Vitamin C is a major antioxidant of the skin, which helps fight against free radicals. It is a real anti-aging shield. Moreover, vitamin C acts directly on the production of collagen. Imagine a fresh salad with grated carrots, grapefruit, lamb's lettuce and a bit of fresh lemon juice. Distressed skins will thank you.

Lamb's lettuce also contains chlorophyll, the green blood. Indeed, this natural pigment has a cellular structure capable of transporting oxygen. This will play a role in energy production and cellular integrity. For the skin, this is of major interest to bring back luminosity and a beautiful color. In addition, fresh and oxygenated blood promotes healing and cell regeneration. Perfect for skin damaged by acne.


4 – Pomegranate

Pomegranate, winter food for skin 

Apples, pears, citrus fruits... We sometimes feel a bit limited in our winter fruits. What if we ate the fruit that symbolizes abundance and fertility: the pomegranate.

It is the fruit that will help fight against cellular aging, and therefore the appearance of spots, wrinkles and dark circles. It contains many antioxidants: anthocyanins, tannins, phenolic acids, flavonoids. It is so rich in these molecules that it is included in the field of scientific studies showing an impact on the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and certain cancers.

Equipped with so many protective agents, our skin can only appreciate this ancestral fruit.

In oriental dishes, it completes the roasted vegetables in the oven with yoghurt sauce. For dessert, its tangy taste makes it irresistible in your homemade granola or in a fresh fruit salad.

If you're lucky enough to have a juicer, take some cures of this healthy beverage.

Don't know how to remove the seeds? Cut off the top of the pomegranate as you would do for a stuffed tomato. Remove the white flesh in the center. The fruit is arranged in wedges like a grapefruit. With the tip of a knife, cut into the skin to separate the quarters. Gently pull on each one to detach it. Remove the white film from the seeds and enjoy.

5 - Nuts and nut oil 

Nuts, winter food for skin

Omega 3s play an important role in the structural integrity of our tissues. They will act as protectors of the skin, particularly at the level of sebum and hydrolipidic protection, and will help to maintain flexibility. They will play an important role on the cutaneous dryness and the rednesses.

Omega 3s are not heat resistant, so keep nuts and oils in the refrigerator. Add a dash of walnut oil to your vinaigrettes and homemade soups. Sprinkle your vanilla creams and your mueslis....

Where can I find antioxidants that are good for my skin in winter?
Where can I find antioxidants that are good for my skin in winter?

Vitamins, trace elements, minerals, amino acids...

We are lost in the jungle of micronutrition and its small molecules so beneficial ... Among these, some are antioxidants, they will act on the harm of free radicals and the effects of aging cells.

Excellent for the vitality and youthfulness of the skin, we have put a lot of them in our skin care products and especially in our Immunox® patent!

So, what kind of foods have the ability to make us look younger in the winter?

What is the purpose of antioxidant foods?

The body has a natural biological ability to detoxify itself. This is part of its main functions.

The liver is the organ of cleansing. It cleans toxins and toxics from the body. It proceeds in two phases:

  • First, it captures the toxins, then it transforms them into free radicals by enzymatic process and does it in particular thanks to the Holy Vitamin C!
  • Secondly, the free radicals are inactivated thanks to many essential nutrients and antioxidants.

So, you understand their importance on the body and necessarily on the skin. What we have just described is called detoxification. It will be coupled with elimination by organs such as the kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin.

Vitamine C, Pur Paradisi, Saeve

Vitamin C and its antioxidant super power

We tell you. We repeat it to you. You are constantly told this. Eat raw vegetables and fruits every day if your intestines and stomach can handle them.

As explained above, Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the whole process of eliminating toxins and toxic substances. It is also known for the regeneration and healing of the skin, since it participates in the synthesis of collagen!

In winter, it is obviously found in all the good citrus fruits that are available until March and that will allow you to fill up on antioxidants. Lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, clementine... We, at Saeve, have a big weakness for the energizing blood oranges found in our botanical body care Tonus Citrus, the pink grapefruits present in the care of our purifying range Pur Paradisi.

Antioxidants are also found in cabbage: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts. However, since vitamin C cannot be heated, eat them raw or steamed. This way, you will keep all the benefits.

You should know that we have included soft Vitamin C that can be assimilated by the skin in our Perfect Pisum anti-spot botanical range.


What about other antioxidants?

Don't panic, it's very simple. You just have to choose the color in the plate. Natural color, though, right? Tomato sauce in a tube doesn't count. Instead, choose the color of beautiful vegetables and fruit.

Antioxydants vegetables Saeve

Beta-carotene is a precursor of Vitamin A, called retinol in its active form. This molecule is an essential antioxidant that should be included in your diet. It is present in yellow-orange and dark green vegetables. This is the waltz of carrots, squash and spinach, which begins for you.

And then there is the large family of polyphenols. Known as flavonoids, isoflavones, anthocyanins, phenolic acids, resveratrol or curcurmin, these competent micronutrients are all derived from plants, from turnips to pink radishes, cocoa or spices. In winter, they can be found in beets that you can cook yourself. A real delight!

In addition to their sulphurized compounds which are also involved in the liver support process, leeks, onions, garlic or black radishes are rich in flavonoids.

Legumes anti-oxydants Saeve

Mushroom - antioxydants

What about our little mushrooms?

You know we love organic Chaga, that magical medicinal mushroom whose extracts can be found in our cosmetics, especially when combined with fresh organic Birch sap.

Well, all mushrooms also contain antioxidant polyphenols. Recently, researchers have discovered ergothioneine(1), another powerful antioxidant. So even if the morel season doesn't start until March, you can start eating dehydrated mushrooms and winter oyster mushrooms in the meantime.


Natural skincare products, Saeve

Aware of the importance of antioxidants in preserving the skin's youthfulness by fighting against blemishes, natural oxidative stress, pollution, the appearance of wrinkles and loss of elasticity, we have decided to include them in all our cosmetic care formulas. Because yes, supplementing a diet rich in antioxidants with cosmetic products that contain them intensifies the benefits of the active ingredients, for more visible results!

In our real botanical nuggets, our Immunox Patent combines the action of organic Chaga and organic Birch sap. It acts on the skin's three stages: it repairs mitochondrial DNA by more than 48% (its past), it blocks 90% of free radicals to protect the skin (its present) and, finally, it stimulates the skin's immune defenses (its future). Each range completes our patent with one or more active ingredients to adapt to a specific skin benefit. Our Pur Paradisi purifying and anti-imperfection range is formulated with Grapefruit and Mandarin nobiletin. For our Detox Officinale range, we have used Dandelion phytosterols and Apple phloretin, the magic recipe for an anti-pollution routine. The Perfect Pisum radiance and anti-spot range is rich in gentle Vitamin C, but also in Oxyresveratrol and lutein, two active ingredients extracted from Peas. Our anti-aging skin care routine is formulated around a Maritime Pine extract titrated in polyphenols, which are associated with other flavonoids to fight against sebum oxidation. Finally, the flagship ingredient of our Hydra Malva range is Mallow, because it is full of flavonoids with multiple benefits.

Your body's good health depends on your diet and what you give your body. The same goes for your skin.

Produits Saeve

You can be sure that Saeve will take care of your skin's nutrition.

The T[æ]m

(1) Michael D.Kalarasa, John P.Richie, Ana Calcagnotto, Robert B.Beelmana - Mushrooms: A rich source of the antioxidants ergothioneine and glutathione – Apr 2017.

Dry skin in winter, what can you do about it?
Dry skin in winter

Ouch! For how long has taking a shower become painful?

The syndrome of itchy and tight skin in the middle of winter is making a comeback with tingling under your clothes and on your face. You have stinging upper lips and pink cheeks from the heat of the house. We're not going to lie, it hurts.

Dry skin is coming back with more or less unfortunate impacts. 

Do you think this is irredeemable and that that feeling of tingles and pulls will last all winter?

Put this belief out of your mind and read this dedicated article. Learn how to distinguish dry skin from dehydrated skin, understand the causes of this dryness and your action levers to remedy it. And above all, find sustainable and effective solutions with Saeve skin care products to accompany you during this period.

If the present is dry, the future is rich and humid.

How do I know if I have a dry skin?

When we talk about dry skin, we must be careful to distinguish between two types of situations: the usual aspect with chronic and installed dry skin and the current moment with dehydrated skin due to a particular context.

Skin with a tendency to become dehydrated will react to cold, heat, diet or particular friction. On the other hand, dry skin is permanently dry. Those affected have been uncomfortable for years.

Dermatological and cosmetic support will therefore be temporary for the former (dehydrated skin), but regular for the latter (dry skin).

In the case of dehydration, the skin feels tight and slightly tingly. It sometimes reddens. A few fine lines may appear in specific areas, such as the corners of the eyes and the tops of the lips. It may tend to bump due to a lack of suppleness. This skin is sorely lacking in hydration, therefore water. This skin needs to drink.

For the dry skin category, the skin is striated and rough. It is often reactive to anything that can stimulate its lack of sebum, and therefore of "oil". It can flake, peel and create red and hot areas like scabs. It is therefore much more sensitive to external seasonal conditions than skin lacking in moisture. This skin needs to be nourished.

Hydrating skincare range for dry skin

What causes dry skin?

  • Focus on temperature variations
    This is precisely what interests us in this post. Our skin is not subject to the summer sun, but to temperature fluctuations during the winter. During the cold seasons, the body fights against the cold and therefore concentrates its heat on the vital organs. The skin is therefore left behind and the production of sebum is strongly affected. In addition, it is easy to switch from the cold, dry air outside to the warm, dry atmosphere of the house. This is a permanent over-adaptation for the skin. Outside, it must produce sebum to protect itself against the cold. Inside, it sweats its water reserves to acclimatize. At some point, the skin barrier becomes tired, and the imbalance is felt through dehydration.
  • Advancing age  
    Hormonal changes for women play an important role in the thinness of the skin. The decrease in estrogen acts directly on the production of collagen and elastin. The natural production of  hyaluronic acid, a sensor and preservative of tissue water, also tends to become scarcer. This phenomenon is part of life. It needs to be accompanied so that degradation does not occur too quickly, particularly in the installation of wrinkles. We understand that hormonal treatments can also have an impact on skin dryness. Mature skin needs all our attention to prevent it from drying out.
  • Medication
    Unfortunately, certain chronic treatments can have an impact on the quality of the skin, both in terms of thickness and sebum production. These include dermatological treatments for acne, as well as heavier treatments such as chemotherapy. In these cases, use rich nourishing creams regularly and assiduously. Obviously, never stop your treatment without a doctor's advice, even if your skin reacts.

  • Specific skin conditions
    Some of us are subject to specific dermatological problems such as xerosis, eczema or psoriasis. In these cases, it is necessary to go further than simply apply creams. While this will help relieve the symptoms, it is imperative to seek professional help to understand what is going on.


What can be done about dry skin?

Be careful in the shower
It is an undeniable fact that hot water and steam baths are not your friends. Your skin is immediately affected by the ambient heat. Prefer showers with tempered water and limit baths to once a week in normally warm water.

Manage the temperature at home
At home, do not overheat the rooms. Adjust the radiators, especially in the bedrooms where the heat should not exceed 19 to 20°. Dress to fight the cold. It's better for our planet.
And if you live in a building where the heating is unfortunately not adjustable, do not hesitate to use humidifiers so that the air is not completely dry. 

  • Hydration, my love 
    We can't say it enough. The best way to bring water to the body is to drink water. Drink about 1.5L of water a day, without including herbal teas and coffee. This will not only benefit your body's oxygenation, but also its hydration needs. This also applies to your tendons, your connective tissue, your eyes, etc.
  • No more alcohol-based products
    There are many products on the market that contain alcohol. Lotions, toners and make-up removers often contain this substance as a preservative.  However,
    alcohol burns and dries.

    Think also of the perfumes which are made on bases of alcohol. Prefer to perfume your clothes and avoid projecting perfume on your neck and

  • Micro-nutrition to the rescue
    Taking food supplements can help.If you have chronically dry skin, take omega-3 and 6 supplements such as fish oil, chia oil or borage oil.
    If, on the contrary, you suffer from skin dehydration, turn to Omega 7 with sea buckthorn oil. Take hyaluronic acid cures.
    For dryness related to advancing age, think about collagen, with a minimum of 3 months of intake.
    Consult a nutritionist or a naturopath before taking any long-term food supplements.

What about Saeve?

Our absolute weapon hides in our favorite line. Often sold out because of its effectiveness, it is Hydra Malva, the comfort of thirsty skin!

With this specific range, we have focused on deep hydration. In each of our products, there is our Immunox® patent. This is the perfect combination of fresh organic Birch sap with its moisturizing, soothing and remineralizing properties and the immortal organic Chaga mushroom with its anti-aging properties.

In addition to this marvel of nature, which has been widely proven in vitro as in real Life, we have decided to take advantage of the virtues of Wood Mallow. In phytotherapy, it is used for its emollient action. It contains mucilage, which, when in contact with the body's moisture, softens ENT (ears, nose, throat) or intestinal inflammations. It is also known as vulnerary. That is to say that it supports the cicatrization of wounds.

Thus, your skin gives you a THANK YOU for the relief you get when you apply your daily care products.

If you suffer from severe dryness, don't hesitate to use the Intense Quenching Rich Cream. This magical ointment contains an extract of white willow and sweet almond oil, capable of soothing tightness and heat. Use it in the heart of winter when the harshness of your skin is at its peak and find a nourished and plumped skin. If your skin lacks moisture and is sensitive to redness, apply the Soothing Quenching Cream. With its fluid texture, it is suitable for those who hate to feel some cream on their face. Its lightness does not detract from its effectiveness, as it also contains hazelnut oil, whose molecular weight is similar to that of the skin's sebum.

Our best seller, the 24hr Soothing Moisturizing Botanical Serum is our champion to answer some urgency case! It contains an essential active ingredient for skin hydration: pure hyaluronic acid of plant origin. In 30 minutes, it provides 44.1% hydration and plumps up the skin like a fresh apple.

And if you're in a moisture crunch, consider the Soothing Rehydrating Infusion Mask. The mask is the express formula for thirsty and completely depleted skin. We invite you to read the article "Face Mask, a targeted care product that cannot be ignored" to understand its usefulness.

Dry skin, Hydra Malva skincare change

To put it clearly, if you want to regain a luminous and harmonious skin, but above all, calm and full of beneficial water, you need Hydra Malva in these grey times.

Fountain, know that I will not need to draw water from you anymore...

The T[æ]m

How to make real resolutions and stick to them?
How to make real resolutions and stick to them?

It is with great joy that we wish you an excellent 2022 year!

May it be sweet, profitable, fun, harmonious and optimistic.

Full of love, laughter and good times.

In January, a new breath tickles us, like a desire for something new in front of this huge blank page. 2022 is here, we make plans: trips, invitations, work projects, life projects...

And every year, everyone plays the game of the famous resolutions! Resolutions, that word which makes people angry. Because it is sometimes tinged with failure. You may be told: "Forget it, it's useless! ".

Don't listen to naysayers. Roll up your sleeves. Be creative. This year is THE year, we'll keep our resolutions. Indeed, what are new resolutions if not a guideline that you set for yourself for the coming year: projects you want to carry out, changes you want to make in your life, but especially goals to make you feel good. Follow our tips to reach your goals with pride, without stopping halfway.

1 - Choose your resolution

Choose your resolutions

About 70% of resolutions are abandoned. Because most of the time, the desire to change is not really chosen, but suffered. What really makes you happy?

Your mother bemoans your tired look? That's not what should make you decide to take care of your skin. On the other hand, if you want to see yourself beautiful and full of life, go for it! It's this ideal vision that should carry you.

2 - Decide instead of trying

When we say to ourselves that we are going to try, we awkwardly suggest to our subconscious that it will be difficult, as if we were looking for an excuse not to go through with it.

Instead, say: "I want", "I decide", "Go, Girl! "I wish", "I see myself already". We love this mindset at Saeve. Believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve your goals. Keep your goal in sight so it doesn't slip away.

3 - Clearly define your resolution

Take the time to define that ultimate wish you want. Do it in your own words and according to your lifestyle. It must be clear and precise. Think about what you really want to change, and define what steps you need to take to get there. Imagine that you have to climb to the top of a ladder, would you get there if there were no steps in between? The same goes for your resolution: if you don't establish steps, you can quickly become disoriented, not knowing where to start.

Saeve skincare for your new resolutions

For example, saying "I want to treat my blemishes and nourish my skin for a better complexion" will be more effective than simply saying "I want to look good. ".

4 - Discipline is your friend

Attention, difficult word! And yet discipline becomes a reassuring routine, a habit that gives rhythm to our lives. Don't be too impatient, this is not a sprint, but rather a marathon. It may take a long time to achieve your resolution but take a step back to see how much you have already accomplished. Remember: Rome wasn't built in a day! Little by little, you will get closer to your goal.

For example, if your resolution is to reduce fine lines, we at Saeve have the right routine for you.

First of all, a good routine starts with a good hydration of the skin, so apply our Hydra Malva 24hr Soothing Moisturizing Botanical Serum twice a day on your perfectly cleansed face and neck. In the evening, you can complement it with our Lift Pinaster Redensifying Night Cream for an additional anti-aging action. Take the time once or twice a week to pamper your skin with our Hydra Malva Soothing Rehydrating Infusion Mask. This way, your skin will not be lacking in hydration. If your skin type requires other benefits, there are plenty of other possible routines at Saeve to suit your needs.

5 - Admit that motivation fluctuates...

...and that doesn't mean it's a failure! It's normal to have "off" days. Do you know anyone who never has a day off? If your motivation leaves you, ask yourself why you started. To have that beautiful vision of yourself, confident, fresh and beautiful, with a bright face, a harmonious complexion and a mischievous eye...Now that you have your goal back in your field of vision, turn around and look at all you've accomplished. You can congratulate yourself and feel motivated to take the next step. If you have half as many skin imperfections, even if you still have some left, there are fewer, and you are getting closer to your goal. Stay in the race and you'll get there!

And for your skin, don't forget that Saeve is still here to pamper you in 2022!

Our motto for the new year remains: Have fun and Saeve your skin!


The T[æ]m

Is it necessary to detox after excesses?
Detox skin care after festivities

Like every year, shortly after the holidays, we see articles about DETOX flourish.

It is assumed that you have probably eaten too much and that your body needs to get rid of excess food, alcohol and laziness.

However, DETOX is a process that needs to be thought through. Not everyone can start a drastic DETOX. And it isn’t the one and only answer to the plethora of winter holidays behaviors. You may even still be enjoying a nice “Galette des Rois”.

DETOX requires a certain amount of energy and obvious vitality. Is this really the right time? Aren't there questions to ask beforehand? The answer is yes. And what about DETOX of the skin? Is the process the same? Does the skin of the face need help?

In this post, we propose a focus on DETOX. When? How and with what?

1 – Make an inventory

Every day, the body carries out a natural elimination and detoxification process. Our body is largely capable of getting rid of toxins, resulting from metabolic waste.

However, there are many factors that can prevent this process. These include fatigue, overwork, lack of sleep, a non-living diet. We are also invaded by external pollution factors that are called "toxic". We can talk about endocrine disruptors, air pollutants, cigarettes, drugs, etc.

When we decide to do a DETOX, we often use plants or active ingredients to awaken the functions of the liver, kidneys and intestines. This approach requires a certain amount of energy from our body, because the plants activate the elimination, and sometimes in a punchy way.

If we lack energy, we risk putting the body in even more difficulty, even in danger. It is thus important, before starting a voluntary DETOX, to question oneself on one's personal energy to evaluate according to one's fatigue of the moment.

How do you feel today? Does everything require an effort from you? Is your morale stable? Perhaps it is time for an energy recharge that we will call revitalization.

The current stress caused by the COVID health crisis seems to be affecting all of us. It makes us weary and reluctant to develop superhuman forces in overly ambitious projects, of which DETOX can be a part.

2 - Gaining energy to restart the machine

But if I am too tired to practice a DETOX, then what are the solutions? By deciding to bring energy to your body, the natural process of DETOX will activate itself.

How to act?

  • My plate, my first ally
    Focus on choosing foods that are full of essential nutrients. To do this, choose raw, minimally processed or unprocessed products from the best possible source. Watch your cooking. Heat destroys nutrients. You should make sure you cook as little as possible. If this is the case, favor gentle cooking as much as possible. Avoid cooking with gratin, sauce or simmering for hours. Keep it simple: canned fish, rice or quinoa with condiments or herbs, sautéed vegetables.

  • Encourage my rest
    Winter is synonymous with Slow Time. It is the time to rest in peace and quiet to allow the body to recover. The days are short and invite you to sleep. Take a nap. Abandon the evenings in front of the screens where the nervous system does not rest, even if your body is static. True rest is optimized sleep by going to bed early. It is also time for simple contemplation.

  • Sports activity
    Another possibility is to get your body moving regularly. Standing or walking around at work is not physical activity. Instead, it causes tension. Thanks to sports activity, the skin will sweat and support the natural DETOX. Endorphins are also released, substances that promote well-being and pleasure. There is an immediate action on the nervous system. Welcome to fullness and bye-bye stress. In fact, we act directly on the vital energy.

    Make sure you find a balance between activity, work and rest.

Rest after excesses for a better skin

3 - The right allies to get there

Vitamine C detox for skin care

    • Raw food in my dishes

      We have talked about the quality of food and its cooking. If essential nutrients cannot withstand heat, it is therefore essential to include raw food in your dishes. In winter, we need heat, but vitamins, especially vitamin C, are essential for natural DETOX. Long live sautéed vegetables, fresh grapefruit, lamb's lettuce salad and grated carrots.

    • Fiber in all circumstances Soluble fiber helps regulate transit and supports intestinal elimination. We advise you to eat oats every day. It acts directly as a natural depurative but brings ceramides and polyphenols good for the skin.

    • Spice up your inner fire with spices, which will boost your metabolism and promote digestion. Ginger, for example, is known to activate intestinal motility and regulate elimination through transit.

4 - What about my skin?

The skin is a major organ of detoxification. It informs us of the internal state of our body. Acne, blackheads, greyish complexion, so many small imperfections that tell us what to do. By activating the vital energy, it may be called upon to evacuate waste. It is therefore logical to help it with the appropriate care for the process to be favored.

You can therefore pay special attention to the skin of your face. It is in the front line. When we take care of ridding it of toxins, we give our body a good hand.

Have you ever heard of the Detox Officinale line, whose main active ingredient is titrated Dandelion extract? This range has been specifically designed to help skin that has been attacked by pollutants and cellular oxidation, which cause inflammation and affect the quality of our skin texture. The titrated extract of Dandelion, a powerful antioxidant, will play the role of an urban shield and allow the skin to refine its texture and eliminate the pollution particles that dull the complexion.

Anti-oxydant detox cream

When the skin is rid of external toxins, we support its internal elimination work quietly.

Always remember to clean your skin methodically. Our Detoxifying Micellar Water has the particularity of removing pollutants but also impurities. As of the 1st use, this ultra-refreshing Water removes make-up (face and eyes), refines the grain and detoxifies the skin.

Discover also our Detoxifying Antioxidant Shield Botanical Serum, our anti-wrinkle concentrate with a protective action for skin exposed to pollution! You will find fresh organic birch sap and organic chaga, a patented complex that protects the skin from free radicals and strengthens the skin's immune defenses. The titrated extract of Dandelion and the encapsulated apple phloretin will, through their antioxidant and detoxifying actions, depollute the skin and make a uniformized complexion, for a fresher and more radiant skin!

Anti-oxydant detox serum

And because it's important to protect your skin from UV rays, winter and summer alike, we conclude our skincare routine by moisturizing with Multi-Detoxifying Cream SPF30.

Solar protection anti-oxydant cream

This is the most effective botanical DETOX shield available, while being gentle on yourself.


The T[æ]m


How to gain confidence with S[æ]ve?
How to gain confidence with S[æ]ve?

"Superficial". This is sometimes the word you hear when someone talks about you. "Because she puts on creams, because she wears makeup, because she spends a lot of time taking care of her body. "

You know the expression "Mens sana in Corpore sana"?

a healthy mind in a healthy body

Well, at S[æ]ve, we adhere to this adage 1000%: a healthy mind in a healthy body. It's not for nothing that we talk about physical exercises, outdoor light, magical foods in addition to our (over)natural products. We assume that the body is a precious vessel that allows us to enjoy life.

Thanks to it, we can look, eat, sleep, feel and these stuffs in order to learn, understand, cultivate, love and enjoy Life. Taking care of one's skin, one's appearance, one's muscles, one's diet, one's sleep are all factors of well-being.

One will never go without the other. The spirit cannot flourish in a body that is unloved or abandoned. And the reverse is also true.


So, ladies, don't feel guilty. You have every right to take care of your body. You have the right to pamper yourself. It is even a duty, if you want to live longer and in good conditions. Who wants to go far, spares its mount, right?

And then, we notice today that many people feel badly in their skin. Imagine that 67% of French people do not like their body. We find that so sad.

One of the first effective remedies against the lack of self-love is touch. Touching your body by massaging it, by giving it care allows you to bring back affection. Applying a cream then becomes more than a superficial gesture. It is a beautiful confession of Love to oneself.

Pauline Bony, founder of Saeve


With S[æ]ve, we even offer to restore what may have been damaged. All in softness, all in delicate scent, all in light texture, a new look at yourself and your authenticity.

And Pauline’credo, our founder, is to help you take care of yourself, without doing you any harm. By choosing products of natural origin, she has decided to promote the protection and immune defenses of the skin, while developing products with strong potential thanks to exceptional concentrations.

So be superficial. If that's the small price to pay to feel good about your body.

Pauline Bony, founder of Saeve



S[æ]ve your Skin, S[æ]ve your Mind!

The T[æ]m

How to boost your immunity?

How to boost your immunity?

Did you say immunity? You might as well say we're listening right away. At Saeve, the immune system is at the heart of our commitment. It's a phil...

Read more
How to boost your immunity?
How to boost your immunity?

Did you say immunity? You might as well say we're listening right away.

At Saeve, the immune system is at the heart of our commitment. It's a philosophy. It's part of all the thinking we've passionately developed around our natural cosmetics, including the Immunox® patent.

Immunity is a precious sentinel for our body. But how does it work? What should we do to boost our immunity, in other words, how can we maintain and strengthen it? And what is the link between our botanical care and the support of this important mechanism?

Focus on this biological system, its maintenance and all of Saeve's work on this subject.

1 - What is the immune system?

Imagine a superb trendy villa on a green hillside facing the sea. It's warm, we feel good. Total harmony, we call it homeostasis.

The site is so beautiful that sometimes people come in without being invited. It also happens that some of the staff member’s rebel. For our organism, this is called viruses, bacteria, parasites and internal dysfunctions.

To keep the peace, we have built an enclosure with cameras and hired tanked bouncers named macrophages and white blood cells. When an intruder manages to enter the compound, these sentinels swarm in, use tear gas and neutralize the offender. In our body, this phenomenon is the inflammatory reaction and phagocytosis. This is the innate immunity.

At the same time, other bouncers called lymphocytes register the identity of the intruder in a large database. If the bad guy comes back, he will be immediately apprehended with the same strategy as the first time. Inside of us, this phenomenon is called adaptive immunity.

We have just described the immune system between innate and acquired. It forges immunity, which is the capacity of protection of the organism against microbes, infections (such as respiratory infections which is one of the symptoms of the coronavirus) and diseases.

Now, let's take a closer look at how we can naturally boost our immunity and how to maintain it.

2 - How to boost your immunity naturally on a daily basis?

Are you wondering what are the appropriate gestures to strengthen your immune system? Follow the guide.

  • As simple as it may seem, the content of the plate is still a must. It is like a huge free fitness room for our cells. It must be varied, balanced, enriched with organic and quality foods. A healthy diet is therefore essential! Eat fruits, vegetables, fish, good vegetable oils and semi-complete cereals.
  • Which essential nutrients will boost our immunity? Vitamins A, C, E and D are lymphocyte boosters. And bim! Zinc, manganese, copper are your friends to help the natural reactions of the immune system and calm inflammatory reactions. You can find these trace elements and vitamins in certain food supplements. It is important to combine these supplements with a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • Drink water from a good source, to avoid additional unnecessary bacteria.
  • Regular physical activity is a great way to boost your immunity! Studies have shown that exercising increases the concentration of lymphocytes in the blood. All you need is 30 minutes of exercise a day to feel good about your body and mind.
Strenghten your immunity daily
  • Make a cure of organic birch sap ! To detoxify and remineralize our body. It is harvested by hand at the arrival of spring, only during the 3 weeks of the ascending moon in March. Ideal for boosting your immunity naturally. Good to know: the sap does not contain allergens, unlike the buds; it can therefore be consumed without risk by people with allergies. To feel all the benefits, we advise you to make a cure of 3 weeks minimum.
  • Have eyes only for your bed. It has been shown that people who sleep 8 hours or more have better immune responses than others. Morpheus is your ally.
  • If possible, get away from all sources of stress. Say no to energy-hungry people and go for a walk in the green if possible, meditate, read, it is important to be able to refocus on the essential. Stress leads to the natural production of cortisol. Released in excessive quantities, this hormone tires the immune system.

  • 3 - The skin, the essential rampart of our immune system

    At Saeve, the skin is the nerve of our war. But what does this have to do with immunity? The skin is an integral part of our immune system. It is the protective enclosure of our dream villa. You'll agree that it plays an important role in the game.

    It benefits from various exceptional mechanisms to defend itself.

    The skin, the essential rampart of our immune system

    The skin has this fantastic faculty not to be very permeable. Only what must pass through is allowed! It also has the ability to peel off. And if we give it a hand, it's for the better. Have you ever tried the Purifying 2-in1 Exfoliating Mask from Pur Paradisi? This natural cosmetic care composed of purifying pink grapefruit extracts, wood pulp micro-beads and kaolin clay, helps our skin to get rid of dead cells gently.

    • The protein clan

     The skin has another great barrier. An armada of antimicrobial proteins and peptides, which destroy the membrane envelope of malignant cells. Hence the ingenious presence of a plant protein extract called fructan, derived from Dandelion and found in our Detox Officinale botanical range for luminous and healthy skin.

  • A biological force

    Composed of hundreds of good fighting bacteria, the skin flora called microbiota guarantees immunity. That's why 80% of our Saeve cosmetic products contain ferments and our botanical essence called Radiance Activating F90 Essence is enriched with friendly little Saccharomyces yeasts. New recruits among your sentinels and ideal for boosting immunity.

  • 4 - Saeve, a philosophy focused on strengthening the skin's immune system

    Before we even thought about the natural active ingredients of Mallow, Pink Grapefruit or Dandelion for our face care products, we worked on the Immunox® patent.

    Our innovative patent is made up of two magical botanical ingredients: fresh organic Birch sap and organic Chaga, known as the "mushroom of immortality". The union of these two botanical actives creates a naturally exceptional shield.

    Among other beneficial nutrients, the immortal Chaga is composed of beta-glucans. These molecules are incredible natural stimulators of the immune system and participate in the modulation of the actors of the innate immune reaction.

    The fresh Birch sap is rich in active molecules capable of soothing the skin and protecting it from free radicals. Internally taken, it also helps to eliminate toxins from the body to optimize our protection just like a detox.

    Thus, the Immunox® patent boosts immunity, in other words, it arms the skin and makes it the guardian of our tranquility. The highest concentrations are found in our Saeve serums. There is some in all our day creams and other cosmetic products.

    And don't forget that fighting dehydration, acne, pimples, blackheads and spots is a solid way to keep our skin healthy.

    A repaired and intact skin is a guarantee of an optimized protection.

    Close protection mode, kindness activated.

    The T[æ]m

    Our botanical serums, the beauty gesture not to miss!
    Saeve natural skincare serums

    Is it really necessary? Is it really reasonable? When you are new to cosmetics, serums are always a question mark. It is often the most expensive product in the range. Isn't it an unnecessary luxury? Isn't the cream enough?

    However, if you had to invest in only one product, it is this one. It is the spearhead of your routine. It is the magic wand of the Good Look Fairy. It is the arrow of the Beauty bow. The serum must imperatively be or become the pillar of your routine.

    Only a few drops give an incredible and thorough efficiency in record time. Its mission is to target your problems in a much more precise way than a cream. No wonder it is considered the Holy Grail of aesthetics. A small gesture for big effects.

    You have a lot of questions, right? We have decided to give you answers about how and why serums, but also to present our botanical serums to guide you in your purchases.

    You should know that all our face serums are concentrated in fresh organic Birch sap and organic Chaga, our Immunox® patent. A beneficial complexion illuminator and natural beauty revelator, it complements other specific ingredients at the heart of our serums.

    What is a serum?

    A serum is a cosmetic product much more loaded with active molecules than a cream. Its texture is finer and more fluid. The aim is to facilitate its assimilation and penetration towards the lower layers of the epidermis.

    Its conception thus requires choosing target ingredients in a precise molecular form. The aim is not to weigh down the skin, but to facilitate the exchange of active ingredients. The making of a serum therefore calls for advanced technology to allow its concentration and optimal absorption.

    Did you know that our botanical serums have the highest concentration of active ingredients on the market? Like botanical bombs!

    What is the purpose of a serum?

    The purpose of creams is to protect the skin. It is like an insulator, a protective screen. It's a bit like the pretty glove we wear in winter to protect our hands from the cold. 

    The serum is there to treat a specific problem. We expect a face serum to have a targeted action. It can be pigmentation spots or a severe lack of hydration. The serum treats what most characterizes our skin.

    On the other hand, be aware that a serum without a cream is like a sword in the water for your skin. The cream creates the surface conditions for the serum to work. On its own, it can even dry out your skin. So, serum goes with cream inevitably, which is the last step in the routine and will provide the necessary nutrition.

    How do I use a serum?

    Four to five drops are enough for each application. Choose to apply the drops directly to the face before gently spreading the product. You can also place the serum in the palm of your hands and gently press it on your skin.

    Be aware that cell repair and renewal functions take place at night. If you really don't have time in the morning, choose to apply your serum in the evening, if not twice a day.

    Since our botanical serums have the same type of texture, they can be applied in any order. You can also use different serums in the morning and evening. Prefer protective face serums during the day and more restructuring ones at night.

    And even if it seems logical, apply your serums on clean skin, totally free of impurities.

    Which serums for which skins?


     Hydra Malva 24 Hour Soothing Moisturizing Botanical Serum

    Among our iconic products, our Soothing 24 Hour Hydrating Facial Serum is the serum that anyone who wants to bring comfort to their skin must have. Mallow, Apple, Magnolia, White Willow are the key ingredients of this serum, which soothes and above all awakens the skin's natural hydration functions.

    If you don't have any particular skin problems, but you want to take care of yourself, this is the serum to trust.

    Natural hydrating serum

    • Pur Paradisi Anti-Imperfection Purifying Botanical Serum

    Pink Grapefruit and Tangerine in highly concentrated extracts to eradicate impurities on your face, this is a serum that looks effective. Small and large pimples, redness, blackheads, pimples’ traces, your skin regains brightness and radiance in a record time!

    This serum is non-greasy and non-comedogenic of course. Read the feedback ans testimonies from our afficionados and you will be conquered by the effectiveness of this high-quality serum.

    Natural anti-acne serum

     •  Detox Officinale Detoxifying Anti-Oxidant Shield Botanical Serum

    SOS Pollution? No hesitation. The Antioxidant Detox Shield Serum is the solution to fight against all external aggressions that make your skin dull and suffocating. If your complexion is dull, gray, without radiance with external signs of premature aging, it is necessary to act on oxidative stress.

    The titrated extract of Dandelion acts directly on the cellular detoxification of the skin to say goodbye to the greyness and hello to the brightness of the beautiful days.

    Natural detoxifying serum

    • Perfect Pisum Whitening Anti-Spot Botanical Serum

    It is the first in the Perfect Pisum line to act on every trace of pigmentary disharmony. In addition of playing on the signs that harm the radiance of your skin, the Anti-Spot Booster Serum works to make your complexion uniform by acting on the brown spots of your face.

    Titrated Pea Extract and Oxyresveratrol work together to illuminate your face while bringing back oxygenation.

    Natural anti-spot serum

    • Perfect Pisum Whitening Micropeel Botanical Night Serum

    And here is the second of the range, the Micro Peel Serum. A return to pigmentary uniformity means cell renewal. And to do it right, we offer a light and gentle peeling thanks to fruit acids. Coupled with the Immunox® patent, they activate tissue regeneration.

    Titrated Pea extract, encapsulated yeast, Blueberry, Orange, Lemon, this serum is perfect to activate your radiance and boost your immune system.

    Natural anti-spot night serum

    Lift Pinaster Firming Anti-Aging Botanical Serum

    Flavonoids, polyphenols and natural tripeptides of maritime pine and titrated broccoli, here is the trio that will give life and rebound to the skin of your face to fight against the advancement in age.

    Its action acts by defrosting wrinkles and by restoring thickness to the skin for a plumpy effect. Softness is restored to your face and youth is yours.

    Natural anti-aging serum

    Serums are life. The word itself reveals all the interest of this type of cosmetic product. The effects are quickly and radically visible. So don't hesitate to start using our botanical serum bombs.


    "Saeve Bomb, Saeve Bomb, you're my Saeve Bomb..."

    The T[æ]m

    Beauty after 40: "I want younger skin”

    Beauté après 40 ans : « Je veux une peau plus jeune »

    Let's face it, at Saeve, no beauty axis has been neglected. We prioritize all cases, especially those related to the advancing age of the skin.

    So welcome to our beautiful forties and more!

    The Immunox® patent, at the heart of Saeve's skin care products, is already a natural youth concentrate in itself. It combines the active botanical ingredients of fresh organic Birch sap and organic Chaga with powerful antioxidant, mitochondrial DNA repair and skin immune defense stimulating actions. With its direct effect against skin aging, our Immunox patent fights against "inflamm’aging" (the inflammation that accelerates skin aging). But we have gone one step further by creating the specific botanical Lift Pinaster range to fight the signs of aging.

    Here are a few tips on how to preserve your skin in a natural way, in addition to our cosmetic treatments with exceptional botanical virtues.

    Peau plus jeune, l’hygiène de vie avant tout

    1 - Younger skin, a healthy lifestyle required

    At 20, 30, 40, we know that youth is in our minds. However, our skin is not always a reflection of our state of mind.

    To keep your youthfulness, it is imperative to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And if you are 30 years old when you read this, you should start following these recommendations now. You won't need to get any younger, because you will have preserved your skin and your body.

    • Get enough sleep by making sure you go to bed at reasonable hours.
    • Eat properly, giving preference to raw, natural and organic products. Moderation is compulsory on industrial and sweetened food.
    • Drink enough water (1.25 liters) every day.
    • Avoid alcohol, which makes us look older.

    The more rested and smoothed out your appearance will be, the younger and fresher you will look.

    2 - Skin aging due to the sun

    As we age, our stocks of hyaluronic acid dwindle. The capture of water is much more difficult for the body and the skin. When we expose ourselves to the sun, we sweat, which causes us to lose water. This leakage of hydration is immediately seen and felt on the skin.

    Moreover, the sun, and especially the UVA and UVB rays burn our little melanocytes. Hello brown spots! You know, the ones we hate most of all. They cling to our hands, our neckline and especially our face, making us look tired and older.

    So, get ready to protect yourself! Hats, sunglasses, shade and a café terrace, good sun care renewed regularly during the day and above all refusal to expose yourself excessively to the sun in summer are your anti-wrinkle allies.

    Le vieillissement de la peau dû au soleil




    Les bienfaits anti-âge des oméga 3 sur la peau

    3 - The anti-aging benefits of omega 3 on the skin

    Omega 3 are essential fatty acids. They are concentrates of youth. They also help to restore highly irritated skin. They will first of all benefit the cellular membranes by preserving their flexibility. They will play a role on the inflammation and calm the rednesses and irritations of undernutrition related to the advance in age. They participate in the fight against the aforementioned harmful effects of the sun.

    You can find them in fatty fish. You can eat them up to 3 times a week. Salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna or herring... Also use good vegetable oils such as walnut, hemp or rapeseed oil. 1 tablespoon per day to be eaten raw to preserve their benefits.

    4 - Keep a natural skin

    We would like to remind you that there is a difference between facial expression wrinkles (which appear when you change your expression, for example when you smile or laugh) and age-related wrinkles. Before resorting to surgical techniques, consider that there are certain wrinkles that characterize you in your way of being and your life. These are beautiful. And if smoothing them out with regular wellness massages can be interesting, let them be. Too much surgery is not very pretty.

    At Saeve, we like spontaneity and authenticity. Some things are inherently beautiful. Let's keep it that way.

    5 - The botanical and natural rejuvenation of Lift Pinaster anti-aging cosmetics

    Moisturizing the skin is essential, no matter what your skin type is! The lack of hydration is a godsend for wrinkle. Over time, wrinkles deepen and set in when they were not invited to.



    Take back the power by moisturizing the skin of your face on the morning and night. In our Lift Pinaster line of natural cosmetics from Saeve, we've added low molecular weight fragmented hyaluronic acid for better penetration and assimilation by the skin. This ingredient is therefore a must for maintaining the skin's hydration and youthfulness.

    And then, our titrated extract of Maritime Pine associated with the Immunox® patent (fresh sap of organic Birch and organic Chaga) is a pure wonder. It contains flavonoids, able to preserve collagen and fight against its destruction. It firms, tightens and densifies the skin. The perfect anti-aging routine!

    We will give you a secret tip to optimize the action of hyaluronic acid. Before applying your Firming Anti-Aging Botanical Serum to your face, add moisture to your skin using our Radiance Activating F90 Essence. A splash of invigorating and balancing hydration before applying your concentrated serum and hop, hop, hop, the features are immediately tightened! Seal in the hydration with a cream afterwards.

    And for the tiny, fragile skin of the eyes and lips, we have designed the Lifting  Eye and Lip Contour Care. Equipped with a zamac applicator, it allows you to massage the skin around the eyes and lips to relieve and refresh it.

    Gamme Lift Pinaster Saeve

    Sleeping Beauty will have to be on flick when she wakes up!

    Saeve is on a quest for eternal youth...

    The T[æ]m

    1 X. Tchen All. « Efficacy of fish oil and its components in the management of psoriasis: a systematic review of 18 randomized controlled trials. » - Nutr Rev. Janv 2020.

    How to get rid of blackheads?

    We know... We know how much you want to get rid of your blackheads. In the winter, they ruin your life by giving your make-up a rough edge. In summer, they glow under your sun protection like luminous lights. And when you remove them, they come back. Nose, cheekbones, chin, forehead, we explain the causes of blackheads on the skin and how to get rid of them without stress and with Saeve.

    What is a blackhead?

    In the beginning was the pore. This tiny orifice is essential to the skin. It allows its breathing.

    If we go back up through the channel of this little pore, deeper into the dermis, we find the hair follicle and the sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland is in charge of producing sebum, which moisturizes and protects the skin due to its pH, acting as a barrier against microbes.

    In an ideal world where we live very happily, the pore, the hair follicle and the sebaceous gland live a quiet and smooth life.

    However, the picture is not always so idyllic. In fact, depending on the person, we can find ourselves faced with two problems:

    • Either the canal becomes internally clogged by excess sebum production happily mixed with dead skin. A blackhead is then formed.
    • Or the pores of our skin are open wide like the beaks of hungry birds where everything rushes in. The canal is blocked externally.

    In fine, the amalgam stuck in the canal will oxidize in the air to give us the famous blackhead, which exasperates us. Note that blackheads are not systematically associated with acne and that everyone can be concerned. They are often found on the nose and chin.

    What lifestyle should I follow to keep my skin free of blackheads?

    Of course, your pores may be dilated because you work in an overheated environment or because you are just getting older.

    However, the denaturation or overproduction of sebum is also an expression of what you can ingest. Sebum is a lipid. The thicker or more acidic it is, the more likely it is to clog the seborrheic duct.

    In the case of blackheads, it may be possible to suggest that a dietary adjustment should be made immediately.

    First, check your hydration. Water drains and eliminates excesses, including those of the skin. Note that a dehydrated or malnourished skin will tend to become more rigid. It will therefore have difficulty eliminating sebum and will see its pores dilated.

    1.25 liters per day is the minimum.

      hydration against blackheads

      As far as food is concerned, anything that is processed and heavy during digestion leads to storage by the body in the form of fat. This can lead to a change in the nature of the sebum.
      Combined with a protocol of local treatments, the avoidance of refined sugars, dairy products and processed fats can quickly improve things.
      Once the problem has calmed down, it will be time to find your personal tolerance threshold for each type of food. It is possible to be indulgent with yourself without blackheads being explicitly visible.

      What key to eliminate blackheads? Targeted cleaning!

      Quickly put away those fingers that we don’t want to see. Carefully avoid squeezing - shamelessly - your blackheads. Not only do you risk infecting the area and getting pimples. But you can also create sunburned lesions that will leave marks on your face.

      You can't say we didn't warn you. Leave yourself alone. Go for a walk and when you get home, give your skin a thorough cleaning.

      This is the first solution to fight blackheads: daily skin cleansing. To do this, we have created the Pur Paradisi range to get rid of the imperfections that spoil our lives.

      At the heart of this purifying range with concentrated extracts of pink grapefruit titrated in fruit acids, it was obvious that we could not bypass the Purifying Cleansing Gel step.

      Refreshing and soothing, this gel has a sebum-regulating action thanks to its zinc salts, astringent action with burnet and purifying action with pink grapefruit.

      And to complete this cleansing and remove daily impurities, apply the Purifying Skin Perfecting Lotion. This gesture is ideal to perfect the cleaning with precision. It contains Lavandin for a disinfecting and healing effect on the skin. The skin texture is refined, and the pores are tightened.

      Lotion to get rid of blackheads

      Serum and mask, the blackheads' pet peeves

      It is obvious that cleaning will not be enough to eradicate the problem in the lower layers of the skin. To calm down your dry-cleaning ardor, you'll have to dislodge the madmen.

      To clear up blackheads without breaking them out, use the Purifying 2-in-1 Exfoliating Mask regularly.

      During the application, the fine clays with absorbing properties will draw the impurities outwards. Then gently massage your face. Microbeads of wood bark will then exfoliate blackheads. Your skin will be free, liberated, refined and soft in just 10 minutes.

      To stay in control, use the Anti-Imperfection Purifying Botanical Serum oil-free. Because treating deep down allows you to completely wrap up your routine. Our serum was awarded "Top Innovation" at the 2019-2020 Victoires de la beauté.

      Enriched with our Immunox® patent with fresh organic Birch sap and organic Chaga, Pur Paradisi is an ode to blackhead-free living.

      It is to be combined with the Purifying Botanical Fluid. The goal? A flawless skin in all circumstances. Concentrated in titrated Grapefruit Extract and Mandarin Nobiletine with purifying and sebum-regulating properties to help rebalance the skin and reduce all imperfections.

      And if a pimple appears, don't panic, we have our SOS treatment, the Intensive Anti-Imperfection Corrector. With its localized and targeted action, it favors the reduction and disappearance of imperfections. This treatment is so effective that the skin's surface becomes clear, smooth and homogenous, as if nothing had happened.

      Corrector against blackheads

      And there you have it, your effective The Purifying Ritual "Zero Defect Skin", targeted with a sparkling fragrance. A heart of distilled essences of fresh Grapefruit and Petitgrain is softened by a hint of Lavender and White Musk, to give your skin and your morale a boost.

      No more blackheads on the horizon!

      The T[æ]m

      Anti-aging cream, understand and slow down the aging of the face

      Anti aging cream for womenRemember when Sharon Stone said that expression lines were sexy? Wisdom had spoken. It seems that men even find it attractive because it proves that we are authentic and capable of welcoming emotions.

      Mature skin can be fresh and radiant if you take care of it. We can even continue to put makeup on it if we like to enhance its bloom.

      However, we hate our wrinkles. They are synonymous of passing time. They can give us anxieties. They make us think about the end. Some mornings, when we are upset and not awake, they make us harder and sadder. As if our face was falling like the branches of some weeping willows.

      Let's stop this melodrama right now. Let's be positive. Of course, wrinkles are a natural phenomenon of aging. It is unavoidable. But we can act on its process and its expression. There are indeed different types of wrinkles and depending on their nature and depth, there are several areas of action available to us.

      You want to ensure the longevity of your facial skin and minimize the marks of time? Read our article.

      You will understand why facial skin ages and, above all, how you can intervene. Hygiene of life and anti-aging creams Saeve in the bathroom, we provide you with all the information to remain serene without consuming botox!

      What are wrinkles and how do they form?

      To fully understand what happens with wrinkles, you must first understand the skin’s structure.

      You've certainly been taught that the skin is made up of 3 layers. From the deepest to the most superficial, we have the hypodermis, the dermis and the epidermis.

      The dermis is made up of connective tissue. We also have it around each of our bones and organs. This tissue has a high density. When you look at it under the microscope, it is wonderful. We see a more or less dense mesh of collagen and elastin fibers, filled with a nourishing liquid, the matrix, composed of water, proteins and carbohydrate molecules, including hyaluronic acid.

      Over time, the density of the mesh changes due to a lack of nutrients and a slower cell renewal. This creates cracks and breaks in the fibers, the repercussions of which can be seen on the surface of the skin through the epidermis.

      From this, small furrows and sags are created, which are called "wrinkles".

      Why does my skin age?

      Genetics plays an important role in our anti-aging heritage. However, this factor does not seem to be very important. However, there are other internal factors on which we can just let go:

      • The hormonal factor

      In women, this is a major subject of skin modification. Hormones influence the quality of our skin throughout our lives, such as during adolescence or pregnancy. But as we age, our bodies are less likely to produce estrogen. These female sex hormones play an important role in the elasticity and hydration of the skin, hair and nails. Estrogen maintains the production of collagen and elastin by the skin. In women, hormonal production decreases from the age of 25 and drops significantly around the age of 45.

      • Cell division

      When we constantly use the same device, these components wear out or become fragile. It is exactly the same with our cells. As we age, the necessary materials and processes for cell division and replication are missing. The DNA itself becomes damaged by the amount of division and wear and tear on the extremities of chromosomes, called telomeres. With this in mind, don't forget that our facial skin products contain our Immunox® patent. This synergy combines fresh organic birch sap and organic chaga, the mushroom of immortality. Our Immunox® patent has been scientifically proven to protect cellular DNA and mitochondria, the little powerhouses of cells.

      Are all wrinkles the same?

      Obviously, there is an evolution in the appearance of ageing on the skin of the face. Fortunately for us, things happen slowly and gradually.

      The first signs of ageing are seen on the areas where the skin is thinner. The eyes are often the first to be affected, with the appearance of dark circles and fine lines often due to dehydration. The skin is squared with small lines that are commonly called fine lines. They are easy to spot.

      With time, life's events and emotions, expression lines settle in to give a real relief to our face. They make us human and alive. Don't be afraid of them, they are your personality. Lion's wrinkles, forehead creases, corners of the mouth, all these wrinkles are formed by daily use of the muscles of our face. This is how we recognize happy women 😉

      Static wrinkles are those whose fold is marked and seems deep. It is necessary to know that their appearance is a sign that the evil is in depth. The supporting materials are completely altered. They are therefore irremediably installed.

      What can I do to minimize the effects of time on my facial skin? 

      There are dozens of small things you can do every day to preserve your youth and delay the effects of aging:

      • Sleep

      As we explained in our post on night creams, sleep repairs and regenerates. If you go to bed late and you don't sleep well, your skin doesn't renew its cells properly. So, it's simple, go to sleep!

      • Tobacco, pollution and pesticides

      Skin that is clogged with multiple toxins is also less likely to renew itself. The body has the natural ability to eliminate. Unless you add a bunch of extra parasites, such as pollution particles and outside smoke, which are invisible enemies! Think No Tox rather than Detox. And if it's unavoidable, think Detox Officinale, which will revive the radiance of your complexion and depollute your skin altered by external aggressions...

      • The sun: No real surprise.

      We know that prolonged exposure to the sun directly impacts the skin's cellular DNA. Clearly, not only do the cells slow down their multiplication, but they can even stop doing so. As for the phenomenon of dehydration, it is more than obvious. Hats, umbrellas, sunglasses and protective creams count among your basic weapons...

      • Sugar: Do you know the phenomenon of glycation?

      It is when sugar molecules attach to proteins. Well, it's the same for your skin. Glucose attaches to collagen and hardens it. And collagen and elastin stick together and become more rigid. The skin sags, becomes flabby and the ptosis of the face is even more favorable. We encourage you to have a reasonable consumption of fast sugars and to favor slow-digesting foods.

      What about Saeve's anti-aging barrier gestures?

      Before the age of 35, you can start doing specific zoning. We have an unstoppable and innovative weapon for dark circles and lips. Do you know the Lifting Eye and Lip Contour Care from our Lift Pinaster line?

      Anti aging cream for eyes

      With its cold-effect applicator, this little wonder with a concentrated, unscented formula will correct the signs of aging around the eyes and lips. With its 3-in-1 power, this lifting care will act on installed wrinkles, firm the skin and relax the eyes by reducing bags and dark circles. The skin is plumped up and fine lines are filled in, as if by magic.

      • Daily cleansing

      It is imperative that your skin is clean and free of all residue and dead cells. Our Skin Perfecting Whitening Foam Perfect Pisum is the cleanser of the situation. It exfoliates, soothes and brightens thanks to titrated pea extracts, which have lightening and pigmentary spot correcting properties.

      • The unbelievable mask

      The moisturizing mask could be a no-brainer. However, we have even more convincing on hand: the Intense Detox Mask. This mask is a perfect for delicate skins, and it releases the nasty pollutants we mentioned earlier. Say goodbye to free radicals! Make way for light and healthy cell regeneration thanks to Dandelion.

      • Saeve anti-aging care

      The Lift Pinaster line is a natural rejuvenation treatment. Its Garden Next Door ingredient is the Maritime Pine, rich in stabilized polyphenols called OPC. These have the particularity of binding to collagen fibers to prevent their oxidation and inflammation. Thus, their integrity is protected.

      As a bonus, fragmented plant hyaluronic acid has been added for better penetration into the lower layers of the epidermis to fill in wrinkles from the inside. And to complete this nutritious cocktail, we added tripeptides to densify the skin.

      These fabulously rejuvenating little gems are found in the line's flagship products: the Firming Anti-Aging Botanical Serum and the Redensifying Night Cream, which are so softly textured and generously relaxing.

      Anti aging skin care, Lift Pinaster

      And never forget to treat your throat, neck and bust as well!


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